Danish burqa ban comes into effect amid protests

Danish burqa ban comes into effect amid protests
 Members of the group Kvinder I Dialog hand out flyers in Copenhagen as they protest against the face veil ban. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Combatants of latest regulation to illustrate towards ‘discriminatory’ degree

Supporters and opponents of a ban in Denmark on clothes overlaying the face, consisting of Islamic veils consisting of the niqab or burqa, are clashing verbally as the law takes effect.

Marcus Knuth of the ruling liberal birthday celebration Venstre, said the dress worn with the aid of some conservative Muslim women was “strongly oppressive”.

Sasha Andersen of the “birthday party Rebels” activist group, changed into making plans a demonstration later within the day towards what it called a “discriminatory” degree towards a minority institution.

Different eu countries have similar bans, claiming they may be no longer aimed at any religion mainly, and do no longer ban headscarves, turbans or the conventional Jewish skull cap.

Popularly called the “burqa ban”, it’s miles on the whole seen as being directed at the niqab and burqa. Few Muslim ladies in Denmark wear such complete-face veils.