Don’t bin limp lettuce – fish fry it rather

Don’t bin limp lettuce – fish fry it rather
 Tom Hunt’s barbecued lettuce.

In case your leaves have wilted a lot that they’re little need in a salad, deliver them a brand new hire of existence with with a flash on the grill

Salad is a chunk like Marmite: you either adore it otherwise you hate it. I’m a lover of both, and they even taste proper together – while your leaves are a chunk wilted, simply chop them up and sprinkle over Marmite toast, along with a boiled egg, if you’re feeling hungry.

However we waste quite a few this leafy inexperienced: in the uk, we throw away forty% of all of the bagged leaves we purchase, collectively wasting 37,000 tonnes a 12 months – making it our maximum wasted family element. However we should reduce that without difficulty: salad maintains for such a quick time, so purchase simplest sufficient for an afternoon or two in advance, and purchase extra than once every week, if want be. Additionally, entire heads of lettuce keep tons higher than baggage of leaves, take seconds to put together and are often offered without plastic packaging. In case you buy bagged leaves, transfer them to a plastic box while you get home: the bag continues the leaves sparkling in transit, however, once opened, shortens their lifestyles.

Vintage, limp leaves can be revived in bloodless water, however in the event that they’ve wilted beyond revival, try a exceptional tactic totally: reduce them right into a chopped salad, a good deal as you would a herb, whizz into inexperienced soups, bake in gratins or chop into stir-fries. And when you have an entire head of lettuce that’s growing tired, grill it as an alternative …

Barbecued lettuce

Chop a lettuce into wedges, drizzle with oil and salt, and lay on a warm barbeque or griddle. Go away to char for a few minutes, turn and char that facet, too. Then flip the wedge on its back and cook dinner until it’s miles charred on each surface. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or toss in a dollop of mayo and a handful of beaten toasted nuts.


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