‘Hate crime’, Belfast flesh presser decries ‘anti-Protestant’ poster

'Hate crime', Belfast flesh presser decries ‘anti-Protestant’ poster
 A poster has appeared in Belfast which features slogans such as ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’. Photograph: Twitter

DUP councillor Graham Craig says poster, which refers to killing Catholics, is ‘offensive and derogatory’

A poster of a brain which functions slogans along with “keep Ulster from Sodomy” and “Fuck the Pope” has outraged a Belfast flesh presser.

Democratic Unionist birthday party (DUP) councillor Graham Craig stated the poster, which has been erected in Belfast city centre, is “anti-Protestant … Offensive and derogatory”.

The poster features slogans which can be used pejoratively to refer to Northern ireland’s Catholic network, seeming to indicate this is how some Protestants assume. Craig said it “stereotypes” the Protestant community and wants it removed.

Craig condemned the poster after being contacted about it by elements. He said comparable posters have been erected elsewhere in Belfast.

“i’ve requested the council to put off it and contacted the police to document it as a hate crime,” he informed the Belfast Telegraph.

Theresa may also’s minority Conservative British government keeps electricity with DUP support.

The poster suggests a diagram of a brain, with arrows pointing to slogans related to Northern eire Protestant loyalists. One of the slogans, “The Sash my Father Wore” is a track popular with the Orange Order that commemorates the victory of King William III within the Williamite conflict in ireland in 1690–1691.

Some other slogan, “Kill all Taigs”, uses a derogatory time period which refers to Northern Irish Catholics.

The brain in the poster is colored red, white and blue, that is a reference to the union jack flag flown by means of some Northern ireland Protestants to expose their loyalty to the UK rather than the Republic of eire.

“The poster stereotypes Protestants, is simplistic in outlook and particularly sectarian,” Craig said.

“Belfast is a shared city and there’s no location for this kind of component in 2018. I name on everybody with information as to the origins of this poster to bring it forward to the police.”

There was lots debate on social media about the that means of the poster, with one Twitter user pronouncing “it would be extra powerful if there have been twin snap shots with a republican bigot mind along it.”