Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies

Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies

The western presence in one of the maximum militarised countries in Africa has sparked frustration and worry in locals

By means of Ruth Maclean in Niamey and Agadez and Omar Hama Saley

He demonstration turned into planned for 4pm on 15 April, a warm Sunday afternoon within the somnolent Nigeriencapital. The protesters had two most important proceedings: growing taxes and the truth that, in latest years, some of the sector’s maximum effective armies had descended on their u . S ..

But before the civil society leaders could even get to the march, they were arrested.

While a collection of heavily armed men on motorbikes killed 4 American unique ops soldiers in faraway Niger last October, it changed into the primary many had heard of the conflict the us turned into supporting combat against a local department of Isis.

However their involvement in that fight represents only a fraction of the united states presence inside the west African usa, terrible but strategically placed inside the middle of the Sahel, its borders crisscrossed by way of extremists and traffickers.

And the 800 US defence personnel in Niger are not by myself. They may be considered one of four western armies that have established themselves inside the large desolate tract landscape, variously flying armed drones, searching militants, building extensive bases, controlling migration and collecting intelligence from the location.

That is what the April protest changed into approximately.

Ibrahim Diori turned into arrested at home, and Maïkou Zodi in his vehicle, both charged with participation in a banned demonstration and destruction of public belongings, despite the fact that they have been no longer present. These days, they may be in prison watching for trial, along with colleagues arrested over previous marches.

The Nigerien government permits overseas powers loose rein to build army bases and send infantrymen to protect their pastimes within the area, at the same time as suppressing any dissent, according to those civil society leaders no longer in prison, and key competition figures.

Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies
Mariama Bayard

“nowadays there’s terrible repression of folks that are in opposition to the authorities line. They placed seven of my colleagues in jail due to the fact we stated no to overseas bases,” said Mariama Bayard, chief of the competition. She said that the government turned into “illegitimate” due to the fact the main challenger, Hama Amadou, changed into in prison on the time of the final election, and that it turned into being propped up by means of foreigners within the absence of home aid.

“Dictatorship is taking hold of this united states. The human beings don’t want the bases. But the Sahel has emerge as an vital geo-strategic space for the excellent powers,” she said.

According to Bayard, overseas powers do now not have permission to build bases of their us of a.

“Our charter says that before a base can be mounted, parliament has to simply accept it. It’s a deal between the government and those foreign powers. It’s illegal, the bases are illegal.”

Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies
Three giant white hangars of Airbase 201

With Boko Haram within the south-east, Isis-linked ISGS on the Malian border, and a chaotic Libya to the north, Niger is surrounded by way of violent extremists.

As a part of its counter-terrorism assignment Operation Barkhane, France has 500 infantrymen on its base in Niamey, and more on its bases in Madama and Aguelal. Germany has 50 squaddies in Niamey to guide the UN peacekeeping pressure in Mali, and is increasing lodging to cater for extra on the airbase it shares with France. Canadian infantrymen come and move.

Italy has an enhance group of 40 soldiers in the u . S ., getting ready for the appearance of up to 430 greater troops who will “teach, advocate and help” neighborhood forces to fight illicit trafficking, usually of migrants. Among the 640,000 refugees who have arrived in Italy for the reason that 2014 got here through Niger.

But it’s miles the usa, with its armed drones concentrated on militants which includes al-Qaeda leaders in Libya, that has attracted the maximum attention.

The 3 giant white hangars of Airbase 201, the brand new US base near the centuries-vintage city of Agadez, that’s costing $100m (£78m) to construct, stand on an extended stretch of sand this is liable to puddles ; neighborhood herders used to take their goats to drink there in rainy season.

A number of these herders, dwelling a few hundred metres far from the bottom’s new fences, stated that they had in no way met their new neighbours, though they often noticed them whizzing past in air-conditioned SUVs, or by night time, the shadow in their aircraft crossing the moon.

“They don’t help us. I’ve always been bad, and that i’m still terrible,” said Sedefiou Abdou, who had never heard of the us until the base came to his neighbourhood. References to Obama, Trump and Coca Cola drew a blank. Then he was performed a snippet of a French cover of the wildly famous Latin hit Despacito, and his face finally lit up in recognition. Apart from the airbase, this became the nearest the united states got here to penetrating into his nook of the Sahel.

Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies
An image from Google Earth showing Airbase 201

Abdou had no extra need of this understanding than maximum americans do for Niger’s wealthy and complex lifestyle; the two countries are lots of miles apart. However his government and theirs have been company buddies, as the Nigerien president stated in an interview at his palace in Niamey, wherein former presidents deposed in Niger’s many coups gaze down from their images on the building’s excessive white arches.

“I don’t just like the term ‘foreign forces’ – they’re pleasant forces, who will leave as soon as we want them to,” stated Mahamadou Issoufou. “They’re right here at our request, and as soon as the need for them disappears, they’ll go away.”

Niger suppresses dissent as US leads influx of overseas armies
Nigerien president Mahamadou Issoufou

Issoufou acknowledged that they have been additionally searching after their personal pursuits, however.

“They’re not just here for us. They do it for themselves. The countries who’ve despatched their armies understand that when the Sahel is conquered, the danger will issue them, will problem Europe. It’s a manner of stopping that threat from spreading into their territory.”

Niger is one of the most militarised nations in Africa. The authorities spends 21% of its small budget on defence, which means that there may be plenty much less to spend on things like health and education. Subsequently the need for higher taxes, which the authorities says do not have an effect on the terrible but that have although sparked fierce opposition.

Civil society leaders and rights agencies say protests in opposition to this and any arguable government guidelines have been “nearly systematically denied”, while seasoned-government marches are allowed. Detained civil society leaders were unfold out in jails across the united states.

In keeping with Boulama Hamadou Tcherno, one of the few civil society leaders who turned into not arrested within the March and April crackdowns, there was silence from the nations in a role to position stress on the government.

“We’re very involved approximately what will show up in the next few years. Freedom to illustrate, freedom of faith – even praying to God is forbidden. And all the big democratic powers turn their gaze away.”

The mum or dad placed the allegations that the united states is in effect propping up an illegitimate and repressive authorities to Thomas Waldhauser, the head people Africa Command, in an interview at a small American base in Senegal remaining week.

“They [Niger] had been an awesome partner of ours now for many years,” he stated.

He emphasized that there have been “numerous resource and protection force help” in current years and said that changed into why america turned into there, in addition to to assist the united states hold its borders.

Speaking extra typically about the us presence in Africa, he stated US troops have been looking to “save you some thing from spreading and going on before it really does”.

According to combatants of the foreign bases, however, they do not stop terrorists however entice them.

“We see no results from their presence at the floor; in fact we have the influence that terrorism has multiplied due to the fact they arrived. Are they sincerely right here to help our infantrymen?” Tcherno requested.

Bayard agreed. “they’re growing the situations for the Sahel to explode,” she said. “they are saying that the bases are right here for our security, however the contrary is true.”