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Salisbury nerve assault suspects say they had been tourists traveling cathedral

Salisbury nerve assault suspects say they had been tourists traveling cathedral

A still from RT’s interview with the two men. Photograph: Russia Today / RT

RT speaks to guys identifying themselves as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov

The two guys recognized as suspects in the Salisbury nerve agent assault regarded on Russia’s state-funded television station RT on Thursday, claiming they had visited the “tremendous” English metropolis as travelers to peer its cathedral.

The pair, who stated their names have been Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov, appeared to resemble men shown in stills from CCTV cameras released by way of British police investigating the attempted homicide of Sergei Skripal, a Russian ex-secret agent who passed facts to the British.

They stated they had each been in Salisbury and have been the humans recognized in the CCTV stills.

“Our friends were suggesting for a long time that we go to this extraordinary town,” the person identified as Alexander Petrov stated.

Boshirov delivered that the two had gone to go to the Salisbury Cathedral, noting its high spire.

He said: “There’s the famous Salisbury Cathedral, famous now not simply in Europe, however inside the entire international. It’s well-known for its 123-metre spire, it’s well-known for its clock, the primary one [of its kind] ever created in the international, which is still working.”

Salisbury nerve assault suspects say they had been tourists traveling cathedral
A still from CCTV footage showing the two suspects in the novichok poisoning in Salisbury. Photograph: Handout/(Credit too long, see caption)

An anchor stated the station might air greater of the interview later at some point of the show, however written highlights of the interview had been published on-line by way of RT before the video became released.

in the interview, Boshirov said that at the same time as they walked around Salisbury, the two men “maybe approached Skripal’s house, but we didn’t know where it changed into placed”.

The interview appeared to expose that Russia was no longer making plans to deny the veracity of video proof launched by way of Scotland yard, however simply to argue it had been misinterpreted.

The men confirmed they visited Salisbury two times, on 2 and three March. British police say that become due to the fact they’d come to stake out the town earlier of the assault. Petrov said that they have been just checking a timetable.

“properly, we got here there on 2 March, then went to a railway station to see the timetable. We arrived in Salisbury on three March and attempted to stroll via the town, however we lasted for simplest 1/2 an hour because it become protected in snow,” Petrov informed RT editor Margarita Simonyan.

“Of course, we went there to look Stonehenge, antique Sarum, however we couldn’t do it due to the fact there was muddy slush anywhere,” he introduced.

Boshirov said that the 2 spent simply an hour in Salisbury on three March “mainly due to the lags among trains.”

the two guys identified as Petrov and Boshirov were charged in absentia last week through united kingdom government.

they’re accused of conspiracy and the attempted homicide of Sergei Skripal, as well as his daughter and a police officer investigating the poisoning.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin referred to as for the two guys to talk with the media at some point of an monetary convention in Vladivostok. He stated the two guys were innocent and “civilians”, apparently contradicting accusations by Scotland yard that they have been agents of Russian army intelligence.

British police have stated they accept as true with the names to be pseudonyms, and RT has previously posted an interview with a man named Alexander Petrov from Tomsk, who said: “I recognise not anything approximately this and have no relation to the Skripal tale. It’s a total coincidence; i will infrequently get to Altai, now not even speakme about London.”

That Petrov, in photos on social media released with the aid of Russian media, did not fully resemble pictures of the person launched by British police.

Margarita Simonyan, of the channel formerly called Russia nowadays, wrote earlier in online posts that she had “spent an night with Petrov and Boshirov. sure, the ‘Salisbury GRU marketers’.

Simonyan said that the two guys had contacted her supplying an interview.

“The actual (as some distance as i will inform) Petrov and Boshirov known as me themselves,” Simonyan wrote. “On my cell cellphone.”

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