South Korean cult chief arrested after stranding four hundred followers in Fiji

South Korean cult chief arrested after stranding four hundred followers in Fiji
 Shin Ok-ju was arrested with three other leaders of Grace Road church when they landed outside of Seoul. Photograph: uschools/Getty Images

Shin adequate-ju took away passports of her congregants and subjected them to abuse and brutal rituals

A South Korean pastor has been arrested after stranding 400 of her congregants in Fiji and subjecting them to violent and brutal rituals.

Shin adequate-ju of the Grace avenue Church became arrested at the side of 3 different church leaders after they landed at Incheon airport simply outside the South Korean capital Seoul.

Her fans traveled to Fiji beginning in 2014 after she expected there might be a famine throughout the Korean peninsula.

But once they arrived, their passports had been confiscated and a group individually selected by using Shin known as “guardians” avoided the worshipers from leaving.

Even as they were in Fiji they done ritual beating on every other, which Shin said turned into executed to keep away from punishment from God.

A father turned into forced to hit his son over one hundred instances and any other congregant turned into crushed so badly at some stage in the “threshing floor” ritual he had lasting brain harm, in line with local Christian media shops.

In the end, at least 5 human beings were able to break out and contacted South Korean authorities.

Christian inspired cults have attracted considerable followings in Korea, in which approximately 28% of the populace identifies as both Catholic or Protestant. The leader of one institution who claimed he became the messiah changed into jailed for rape, at the same time as lady congregants had been recommended to have intercourse with him to achieve “purification”.

Church leaders inside the united kingdom warned their parishes in 2016 that South Korean cults have been attempting to infiltrate their congregations.

This isn’t always the first time Shin has been in problem with the law. She turned into sued for $6m in 2014 in Brooklyn by a 27-12 months-antique mentally unwell man after Shin tried to remedy his schizophrenia with prayer.

He turned into certain with duct tape in the course of the ritual and in the long run had to have his leg amputated. His situation worsened as a result and he had to stay in a nursing home, the ny every day information reported on the time.