Woman hit with the aid of harasser in Paris units up website for others to tell their memories

Woman hit with the aid of harasser in Paris units up website for others to tell their memories
 Marie Laguerre was hit by a man in the street after she angrily responded to sexual harassment Photograph: Alain Jocard/AFP/Getty Images

Marie Laguerre units up ‘Nous Toutes Harcelement’ after she became punched for telling a man who whistled at her to shut up

A young lady who posted a surprising video of a man punching her out of doors a Paris cafe launched a website on Wednesday which permits victims of harassment to tell their tales.

The site Nous Toutes Harcelement (we are all confused) targets to gather debts of incidents “in the street, at paintings, within the non-public sphere” Marie Laguerre, 22 , said.

“It’s nameless, and in order to allow those girls to speak freely,” she added.

Laguerre, a scholar, wrote on fb closing week that she turned into returning home when a man started making lewd remarks. She advised him to “shut up” and kept walking away, even as the man went in the opposite route.

In surveillance video provided by using the cafe, the person is then visible grabbing an ashtray from a desk at the cafe’s patio and throwing it at her.

He then returns and moves Laguerre throughout the face.

She filed a grievance with police and later posted the video, writing that “we ought to now not maintain quiet”.

Considering her video went up on fb, Laguerre has acquired messages from round the world from women sharing their very own studies as well as from guys offering their assist.

Laguerre has done the rounds of French and international media retelling her story however now wants to capitalise on her new excessive-profile “to deliver a message and enhance matters”.

Such harassment is a worldwide trouble, she stated.

Laguerre contacted installed ladies’s companies for advice, said Fatima Benomar, spokeswoman for one such company Les Effrontees.

“We considered matters collectively and came up with the concept to create this site,” she added.

The messages from the net witnesses may even go up on fb.

Similar on-line projects exist already, however Laguerre stated it changed into “critical” to her to begin a new initiative to tackle the hassle.

Paris prosecutors have opened an inquiry following the posting of the video of the attack on her, consistent with criminal resources.

On Wednesday French lawmakers gave final passage to a bill that outlaws sex harassment on the street.

The new regulation allows for fines of 90-750 euros ($one zero five-$876) for gender-primarily based harassment on streets and public transportation.

It bans sexual or sexist comments and behaviour that is degrading, humiliating, intimidating adverse or offensive.

It also expands the criminal definition of toddler rape and extends the statute of limitations for intercourse crimes.

Junior minister for gender equality Marlene Schiappa stated she is convinced the measure will act as a “deterrent.”