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A timeline of major train accidents during PTI govt’s tenure


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LAHORE: The Tezgam day by day express, one of the most seasoned and most mainstream trains of Pakistan began during the 1950s, was inundated in fire in the extremely early times of Thursday morning, killing at any rate 74, including ladies and youngsters.

While travelers of the train questioned the announcements of Federal Minister for Railways Sheik Rasheed Ahmed asserting that the occurrence occurred because of gas chambers conveyed by tableeghi jamaat individuals, the episode is an expansion to the numerous mishaps that have happened during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) government.

The following are the train mishaps to happen since Sept 2018:

September 16, 2018: Nine intruders of the Peshawar-bound Khushal Khan Khattak Express from Karachi crashed close Attock. 20 travelers were harmed.

September 27, 2018: Another Peshawar-bound train crashed in which 11 intruders toppled in Sehwan, Sindh.

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December 18, 2018: 12 kids were harmed as a traveler train collided with a school van close Narowal, Punjab. Nearby witnesses said the mishap occurred because of thick mist and in light of the fact that the door at the intersection was left open.

June 9, 2019: Twenty-three intruders of a Karachi-bound cargo train wrecked in Sukkur.

June 20, 2019: Three individuals were executed when a traveler train crashed into a stationary load train at Makli Shah, close to Hyderabad.

July 11, 2019: At least 24 individuals kicked the bucket when the Akbar Express had a stopped payload train at the Walhaar Station close Sadiqabad.

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August 30, 2019: At least 12 individuals were harmed when three mentors of Karachi-bound Rehman Baba Express, alongside their train, wrecked close Toba Tek Singh.

October 4, 2019: At least two travelers were harmed when two intruders of Peshawar-bound Rehman Baba Express crashed at the Taxila railroad station.

October 21, 2019: 73 murdered in Tezgam train inferno close Rahim Yar Khan after a chamber blasts.

It might be referenced here that while carelessness and inadequacy of railroads specialists are answerable for most significant train mishaps, infringement of rules and guidelines by travelers likewise become the explanation for mishaps that influence both the culprits and other honest lives.

A couple of normal unfortunate activities by railroad suburbanites submit while voyaging are as per the following:

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  • Entryways are not shut when the train starts running
  • Travelers remove their heads from the windows
  • Individuals travel on train rooftops when tickets are inaccessible or when they expect to set aside cash
  • Travelers hop off running trains to stay away from the ticket checker
  • Travelers travel with abundance things and creatures
  • Travelers convey combustible risky materials, for example, gas chambers
  • A few tickets are held on a solitary character card
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