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Adrian Ismay murder: Christopher Robinson is jailed for 22 years

Adrian Ismay murder: Christopher


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A west Belfast man saw as blameworthy of killing a jail official, who kicked the bucket 11 days after a bomb detonated under his van, has been given a base prison term of 22 years.

Adrian Ismay, 52, passed on in emergency clinic in 2016 after he was harmed in the blast close to his home at Hillsborough Drive in east Belfast.

  • Christopher Robinson, 49, from Aspen Walk, had denied the homicide.
  • In March, an adjudicator said Robinson was “personally and inseparably included”.
  • Robinson was additionally seen as liable of having an extemporized dangerous gadget.

The non-jury preliminary heard that Robinson knew his casualty from their time chipping in together for St John Ambulance.

Mr Justice McAlinden disclosed to Belfast Crown Court that Mr Ismay’s homicide had been “executed in compatibility of a wound conservative fear monger philosophy”.

Adrian Ismay

“The litigant played a significant and essential function in arranging and doing the psychological militant activity which brought about the passing of Mr Ismay,” he added.

Robinson was given a lifelong incarceration for the homicide, however will be qualified to apply for discharge under permit following 22 years, the appointed authority said.

Adrian Ismay
  • In 2016, a nonconformist conservative gathering generally alluded to as the New IRA had asserted it had done the assault on Mr Ismay.
  • Robinson had denied he was a functioning individual from the New IRA.