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Afghanistan airline denies plane crash in Ghazni province

Afghanistan airline denies


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State-possessed Ariana Airline CEO says episode didn’t include its plane, denying reports by senior Afghan authorities.

Afghanistan’s state-claimed Ariana Airlines has denied reports by Afghan authorities that one of its planes had smashed in the eastern Ghazni area.

“There has been an aircraft crash yet it doesn’t have a place with Ariana in light of the fact that the two flights oversaw by Ariana today from Herat to Kabul and Herat to Delhi are protected,” the carrier’s acting CEO Mirwais Mirzakwal disclosed to Reuters news organization.

Prior, three senior Afghan government authorities said one of the state-claimed aircraft’s planes had slammed in the Sado Khel zone of Deh Yak region of Ghazni territory around 1:10 pm (08.40 GMT) neighborhood time on Monday.

Afghanistan Ghazni province on Map


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Official sources in the territory said the plane was in transit to Ghazni from Herat when it slammed.

The plane smashed in a domain under Taliban control, Tolo news announced, including that Afghan unique powers will be sent to the accident site.

Be that as it may, Ariana Airlines discharged an announcement on its site saying all its airplane were operational and safe.

The clashing records couldn’t promptly be accommodated, and the quantity of individuals ready and their destiny was not quickly known, nor was the reason for the accident.

The precipitous Ghazni area sits in the lower regions of the Hindu Kush mountains and is harshly cold in winter.


The last significant business air crash in Afghanistan happened in 2005 when a Kam Air departure from western Herat to the capital Kabul collided with the mountains as it attempted to land in blanketed climate.

The 19-year-old war, in any case, has seen various destructive accidents of military airplane.

One of the most tremendous happened in 2013 when an American Boeing 747 freight fly slammed soon after departure from Bagram air base north of Kabul on the way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Every one of the seven team part were executed.