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Afghanistan: Blast kills 15 children in eastern province

Afghanistan: Blast kills 15

A blast has slaughtered 15 kids and harmed another 20 individuals in the east Afghan area of Ghazni, authorities and police sources state.

The purpose behind the blast in the Gilan locale is muddled with authorities saying a bomb went off in the rear of a cart.

In any case, neighborhood occupants propose a bit of unexploded arms exploded when kids attempted to offer it to a merchant.

Taliban aggressors likewise state the impact was coincidental.

The blast occurred around 14:00 (09:30 GMT) near a house in a town where a Koran presentation function was in progress.

A bomb went off after a man driving a mechanized cart entered the town and was encircled by kids, Wahidullah Jumazada, a representative for the Ghazni commonplace lead representative, was cited as saying by the Associated Press.

  • He added that the loss of life could be higher.
  • Police representative Ahmad Khan blamed the Taliban for doing an assault, AFP news office reports.

Giving a lower loss of life of 12, Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid said youngsters had carried unexploded arms to the seller and it had detonated, AP adds.

Levels of brutality in the nation have stayed high regardless of the beginning of arrangements among Afghan and Taliban authorities.