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Amid ban, Pakistani falcons all set to fly to Qatar


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Within Arab society, falconry is a prestigious tradition that has been practised for centuries

LAHORE: Despite consenting to arrangements with various global bodies to boycott chasing with hawks at home, the Pakistani government has enabled several winged creatures to be taken to the Gulf States to satisfy the Arab partners. Be that as it may, Pakistan Customs limited the exchange to 12 flying creatures, that too upon the issuance of a no-protest endorsement (NOC) from the Ministry Of Climate Change.

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As indicated by sources, in spite of a prohibition on chasing utilizing winged animals of prey, the yearly deal and acquisition of hawks have crossed the estimation of Rs10 billion.Details further uncovered that Pakistan has been offering authorization to the illustrious groups of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Qatar to visit various pieces of the nation for chasing trips. For the reason, flying creatures of prey like falcons and hawks are utilized to fundamentally chase Houbara Bustards – an imperiled types of winged animals compromised with annihilation.

Sources said that the Embassy of Qatar in Pakistan mentioned the administration to permit taking increasingly 200 birds of prey from Pakistan to Qatar for the individual utilization of the Ameer of Qatar. The Federal Foreign Ministry, on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan, handled the solicitation with no doubts.

Pakistan enables transportation of 150 birds of prey to UAE in spite of chasing boycott

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Therefore, the outside service’s vice president of convention sent a roundabout to the traditions office just as the branch of untamed life to encourage the Qatar Embassy in sending the birds of prey to Doha.

Sources said that when the Qatar Embassy attempted to send 12 hawks to Doha, custom authorities at the Islamabad and Lahore Airport mentioned a criticism, saying that the flying creatures can’t be removed from Pakistan without getting a NOC from the Ministry of Climate Change attributable to a prohibition on the fare of birds of prey.

In the interim, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Pakistan (WWF), which is a subordinate body of the United Nations, has communicated solid doubts about the administration’s transition to permit taking birds of prey outside of Pakistan in light of their jeopardized status.

As per Pakistani laws, the utilization of hawks for chasing is restricted all through the nation, an infringement of which can acquire thorough detainment as long as two years, alongside a fine of Rs1 million. Regardless, the unlawful deal and acquisition of the feathered creature have been proceeding in the nation unabated.

There are three kinds of birds of prey in Pakistan, including imperial white hawk (Bahri), the saker bird of prey (Charagh) and the illustrious bird of prey (Shahbaz). The Shahbaz and Bahri birds of prey are found in the beach front zones of the nation, while Charaghs abide in the rugged locales. Besides, certain uncommon types of birds of prey likewise move to Pakistan during explicit seasons, which additionally wind up being utilized for the famous game of chasing.

Per sources, Peshawar has the biggest illicit market for birds of prey in Pakistan, while the second-greatest market is arranged in Kashmore, Sindh.

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Pakistani laws state that if any hawks are taken outside of the nation, it is required to get an international ID for the winged creature, together with NOCs from the offices concerned. Nonetheless, numerous hawks are bought from the illicit market and sent to the Gulf States through choices courses, including the ocean course from the beach front zones of Kashmore. Sources have uncovered that some powerful nations likewise utilize their political connects to sidestep the Pakistan Customs and effectively take the birds of prey to their nations from Pakistan.