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ARL closes its biggest plant: No uplift of POL produce by OMCs

ARL closes its biggest

ISLAMABAD: After the National Refinery Limited (NRL) shutdown, the Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) has finally shut down its greatest plant, which was refining 26,000 barrels for every day unrefined petroleum in the wake of no upliftment of POL items by oil showcasing organizations, making the treatment facility incapable to get the raw petroleum as there is no capacity limit left with the processing plant any more.

The top administration of ARL in a letter composed here on Monday (March 30, 2020) to Secretary Petroleum Division Mr Main Asad Hayaud Din sharpened him that oil showcasing organizations (OMCs) have not inspired the POL items from the treatment facility, which is the reason the top administration was left with no alternative however to shut down its greatest plant (Main Unit).

In any case, as indicated by the letter, whose duplicate is accessible with the processing plant which prior shut down two little units has made them mostly operational to refine raw petroleum of 12,000-13,000 barrels for every day for the following 2 to 3 days after which unrefined petroleum stockpiles would likewise top up and a total shutdown of the treatment facility is inescapable. Furthermore, on the off chance that it occurs, at that point, the letter says that the oil fields will be gagged if raw petroleum from said fields can’t and all the more significantly this will likewise crush the gas supply from the said oilfields in Potohar Northern area. The letter likewise reminds the secretary Petroleum Division about the video meeting hung on March 26, 2020 on the issue of items inspire and rough receipt emergency at the ARL.

The letter likewise informed the top man of the Petroleum Division saying that in spite of the confirmation given during the gathering, there has been not really any improvement in items upliftment from the ARL. But the APL (Attock Petroleum Limited), no different OMCs have lifted any critical item from us.

In spite of the fact that the administration in the wake of huge cut in the interest of POL items on account of countrywide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 episode, had forced a prohibition on OMCs from bringing in petroleum and unrefined petroleum by processing plants from April ahead and requested the OMCs to lift oil from neighborhood refineres, especially from ARL to oblige requirements of individuals in Potohar, KPK and Northern Areas, the letter makes reference to that on ground no development of ARL items has begun to other inventory encompasses other than that of ARL, to suit the treatment facility items with the goal that its top administration could keep on working in unwinding of IFEM rules.

The letter further says given the awful circumstance, the top administration of the processing plant would close down its Main Unit today (Monday). What’s more, just to provide food for the substantial raw petroleum delivered from the Potohar Northern district, it would be mostly working for the following not many days “after which our unrefined petroleum stockpiles would likewise top up and a total shutdown of the treatment facility is inevitable”.

If there should be an occurrence of ARL complete shutdown of the processing plant, the letter says raw petroleum and related gas supplies from the E&P organizations would be antagonistically influenced.

In the interim, the administration has permitted the Pak-Arab Refinery (PARCO) to run its activities which were prior closed down, yet as indicated by the sources, PARCO will run at its base limit as there is no interest of the POL items in the nation.

Then, Adil Khattak, Chief Executive Officer of Attock Refinery Limited, while conversing with said that ARL’s vehicles while originating from emptying office have been caught by the Attock police in Fatehjang. As indicated by him, police said that since there is a lockdown, so they have caught the vehicles knowing the way that the treatment facility business is a piece of fundamental administrations.

“In any case, the cops said they would not discharge the vehicles of treatment facility, rather they would utilize themselves as they have no vehicles,” he included saying that the administration needs to reestablish the writ of law and specialists concerned ought to quickly discharge the ARL vehicles.