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Bahrain’s Prince Khalifa, world’s longest serving prime minister, dies

Bahrain's Prince Khalifa, world's


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The world’s longest serving leader, Prince Khalifa canister Salman Al Khalifa of Bahrain, has kicked the bucket matured 84.

Sovereign Khalifa, who got to work after Bahrain picked up autonomy in 1971, had been accepting treatment at a clinic in the US, state media said.

He was an uncle to King Hamad and included an incredible part inside the imperial family.

The sovereign was viewed by some as a hardliner, and his expulsion was requested by favorable to popular government nonconformists during a bombed Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

He said the Arab Spring had brought just “demise, tumult and demolition”, and denied claims that he had obstructed political change endeavors in Bahrain.

Investigators state the selection of his replacement will flag whether Bahrain, which as of late consented to standardize relations with Israel, is hoping to diagram another course.

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The Sunni Muslim-governed state has kept on clipping down on disagree since security powers squashed the uprising nine years back. The fights were driven by the Shia lion’s share network, which has whined of segregation.

The administration has prohibited all autonomous media from working in the nation, broken down all resistance gatherings, and tried to quiet online analysis.

Unmistakable common freedoms protectors, columnists, and resistance pioneers have been detained alongside scores of dissenters.

Many individuals have additionally been deprived of their Bahraini identity, and five men have been executed subsequent to being indicted for psychological oppression offenses in preliminaries that common freedoms bunches said were damaged by genuine fair treatment infringement and charges of torment.