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‘Barnacle’ car windscreen clamp sparks student fury

'Barnacle' car windscreen clamp


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Plans to present another “barnacle” stopping fine framework at a US college have been placed on hold after grievances from understudies.

The alleged barnacle is a sort of vehicle clasp that adheres to the windscreen utilizing suction cups, and discharges its hold after the leaving fine is paid.

'Barnacle' car

In any case, offended understudies at the University of Oklahoma (OU) shared tips for expelling it without paying.

The college’s stopping authority said it would postpone its preliminary of the gadget.

“The measure of sheer fury putrefying in my body at this moment… this is what I’m in a huge number of dollars of obligation for? I pay the amount to go here and you keep on misusing us in preposterous manners for benefit?” said one understudy on Twitter.


The college had initially said the plan would be increasingly “helpful” for understudies and more affordable than towing endlessly vehicles.

On the off chance that a driver had neglected to pay in excess of three remarkable fines, a stopping superintendent would append the barnacle to the windscreen.

Barnacle on a car

The huge plastic screen would be held set up with amazing suction cups, and darken the driver’s view.

Driving off with the gadget connected to the vehicle would sound a caution and alarm the leaving superintendent.

Understudies would have the option to pay their stopping fine in an application to discharge the barnacle, and afterward return the gadget to a drop enclose the parking structure.

Barnacle CEO Kevin Dougherty told that the gadget was possibly utilized when drivers had stopped unlawfully or neglected to pay stopping fines.

He said it was not stuck “haphazardly” on guiltless drivers’ vehicles, and he said the individuals who had left unlawfully would now confront the issue of being towed.

A few understudies had whined about the arranged preliminary, and said they had discovered creative methods for prising off the barnacle from their vehicles without paying.

One notice on social news webpage Reddit guaranteed he had the option to remove a versatile system Sim card from one of the gadgets, and utilized it to get to the web for nothing.

Barnacle suction cup

Mr Dougherty said enhancements had since been made to the structure of the barnacle, and said 40,000 had been conveyed and returned without occurrence.

Grounds paper the OU Daily said the preliminary had been suspended (interface geoblocked in the EU) while the stopping group looked for “additional contribution from the OU people group”.

Barnacle on a window

The college had been leasing five of the gadgets for use on grounds.

It said understudies would be given 30 days’ notification on the off chance that it chose to reintroduce the barnacle framework.