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Carlisle ‘career beggars’ from Glasgow removed by police

Carlisle 'career beggars' from Glasgow


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“Profession homeless people” have been bridging the Scottish outskirt from Glasgow to “work” in Carlisle, Cumbria Police has said.

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They went to the English city since Scottish law permitted poor people there to be proceeded onward more rapidly.

In the previous three months Cumbria police sent six individuals who had been claiming to be destitute back home.

Sgt Scott Adams said they had been asking as “a lifestyle” instead of being “quite need”.

“We don’t for the most part in Carlisle have a lot of an issue with vagrancy and asking,” he said.

“It’s a gap in the market in the event that you like.”

Discipline obstruction

He said the power helped individuals who were truly out of luck, including those from outside the city.

Be that as it may, another methodology has been acquainted with fine over and again forceful bums or indict them.

The cross-outskirt issue had diminished “now they’ve seen there’s a discipline”, said Sgt Adams.

Of those came back to Glasgow, some had been given to British Transport Police for not purchasing train tickets.

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They had given locations and the power didn’t accept they were in certified need.