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Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at home

Chinese ambassador to Israel


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China’s Ambassador to Israel, Du Wei, has kicked the bucket in his loft in a Tel Aviv suburb, Israeli police and media state.

Mr Du, 57, was discovered dead in his bed and the reason for his demise has not yet been accounted for.

He was just named represetative in February having recently filled in as China’s agent to Ukraine.

The minister was hitched and had a child yet his family are not accepted to have been in the nation. He was living in the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya.

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An Israeli police representative revealed to Reuters news office: “As a major aspect of the customary strategy, police units are at the scene.”

Israel’s Channel 12 TV, citing anonymous clinical sources, said introductory signs were that Mr Du had passed on in his rest of regular causes.

In a message distributed on the government office’s site soon after his arrangement as envoy, Mr Du lauded the relations between “the second biggest economy on the planet and Israel the beginning up country”.

On Friday, his international safe haven made a scorching assault on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who had condemned China’s treatment of the coronavirus pandemic on a visit to Israel.

In a reaction distributed in the Jerusalem Post, the consulate censured Mr Pompeo’s “ridiculous remarks”, denying that China had ever concealed the emergency.