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Christian group tears down mysterious monolith on California mountain

Christian group tears down mysterious

A gathering of youngsters posted a video of themselves supplanting the stone monument, which was like one found in Utah, with a cross

A gathering of youngsters professing to be Christians have posted a video of themselves destroying a puzzling stone monument that had showed up on a California mountain and supplanting it with a cross.

The stone monument had been worked close to the town of Atascadero and started gigantic interest after the presence of a comparable brilliant metal-confronted stone monument that had been found in the deserts of Utah.

That unique stone monument – which pulled in many inquisitive tourists and accumulated features around the world – was additionally pulverized by guests who were caught bringing it down and diverting it by an onlooker’s cell phone video.

Presently the Atascadero stone monument has met a comparative sort of destiny, as indicated by a report in the San Luis Obispo Tribune paper.

In a video, which was livestreamed and posted on the web, the gathering of youngsters drive from southern California to destroy the structure. Under front of dimness, they climb up to the structure and tear it down while reciting “Christ is above all else!”. They at that point erect a custom made wooden cross in its place and drag the remaining parts of the stone monument down the mountain to their vehicle.

During the video, the men likewise offer hostile remarks and drink considerable amounts of caffeinated drinks, while additionally referring to Donald Trump and the QAnon fear inspired notion and their main goal is to illustrate “the amount we love Jesus Christ”.

The defacement infuriated neighborhood authorities.

“We are disturbed that these youngsters wanted to drive five hours to come into our locale and vandalize the stone monument,” Atascadero’s civic chairman, Heather Moreno, said in a news discharge. “The stone monument was something special and fun in a generally unpleasant time.”