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Christopher Graham: Murderer who ‘mutilated’ friend jailed

Christopher Graham


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A man who killed his companion in a “horrendous and savage” assault has been imprisoned.

Simon Bowman was discovered dead at his home Jarrow, South Tyneside, in May.

The 54-year-old granddad had been wounded on various occasions and had lost fingers and toes.

Christopher Graham, 30, of Romney Avenue, Washington, was seen as blameworthy of homicide a month ago. At Newcastle Crown Court, he was imprisoned for life with at least 26 years.

Christopher Graham

During the preliminary Graham asserted he had acted in self-protection, following 54-year-old Mr Bowman had attempted to explicitly attack him.

In any case, an assessment of the unfortunate casualty’s body uncovered he had supported huge wounds including obtuse power injury and breaks, various cuts and the evacuation of his fingers and toes.

The Crown Prosecution Service said it was obvious from the degree of the wounds that Graham’s activities went “well past whatever could be viewed as self-preservation”.

Simon Bowman