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Coldplay gives Gloucestershire school signed guitar raffle prize

Coldplay gives Gloucestershire

Coldplay has given a Fender guitar endorsed by every one of the four individuals from the band as a pool prize to fund-raise for an expansion to a Gloucestershire school.

Swell Church of England Primary School close to Cheltenham needs to raise £350,000 to help pay for the new space, a piece of which will be utilized for music exercises.

  • Parent Nadia Moule’s significant other, Glenn, is a companion of the band and reached them to inquire as to whether they would assist.
  • Mrs Moule playfully said “some flattery” was included.

“My better half was on visit with Coldplay, so that is the means by which we met and he stayed companions with the band thus I had a thought of doing an online pool,” she clarified.

“I said to my better half ‘would you like to perhaps settle on a decision and get a couple of good prizes?’ I think there was a touch of flattering possibly, and a long fellowship.

“We needed to assist the school.”

School head Alison Rawlings stated: “We are unbelievably appreciative to our folks’ affiliation that buckles down.

Fender guitar

“We set them a unimaginable errand, we felt toward the beginning, of procuring us £10,000. Yet, they took the test and went for it, and we think the wager is simply totally astonishing.”

The dark Fender Squier Telecaster will be wagered close by different prizes. In excess of 6,000 passes to the wager, which closes on Wednesday, have been sold.