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Colombian army rescues abducted Swiss and Brazilian tourists

Colombian army rescues abducted


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The Colombian armed force has safeguarded two sightseers who were snatched three months prior by nonconformist guerrillas.

The Swiss and Brazilian sightseers were liberated after troopers found them, likewise catching a speculated ruffian.

In mid-March, Daniel Max Guggenheim and Jose Ivan Albuquerque were hijacked by equipped protesters from the previous revolutionary Farc development, the military said.

“He disclosed to us we’d arrived at the graveyard,” Mr Guggenheim said when describing their snatching.

How were they snatched?

The voyagers were going through the Cauca office when a shooter pointed a weapon at their vehicle. They were then captured alongside their two pooches.

The military’s enemy of seizing unit said the ruffians were a piece of the Dagoberto Ramos Mobile Column. The radicals were requesting a huge number of pesos.

Notwithstanding being gotten through cool temperatures and joke by their captors, the men said they were not genuinely hurt. The radicals even made a trip to buy nourishment for the mutts.

  • The men were moved normally and remained at 11 distinct areas.

How were they safeguarded?

Careful subtleties are not satisfactory however the pair was saved with their canines during a military activity. The counter abducting unit said it likewise caught one of their captors.

Daniel Max Guggenheim and Jose Ivan Albuquerque

“We endure,” Mr Guggenheim said. “It’s been over a month and a half since we addressed our families. It was hard.”

“A million gratitude to Colombia,” he included. “I love the nation disregarding everything.”

Who are the Farc?

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Colombia’s biggest dissident gathering, were established in 1964 as the furnished wing of the Communist Party and follow a Marxist-Leninist philosophy.

Their primary organizers were little ranchers and land laborers who had grouped together to battle against the stunning degrees of imbalance in Colombia at that point.

The gathering marked a notable harmony accord in 2016 following four years of exchanges. It hosts since framed a political get-together, which is likewise called Farc