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Corona virus: Who is Germany’s ‘meat baron’ Clemens Tönnies?

Corona virus: Who is Germany's


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The tycoon manager of the goliath German slaughterhouse currently secured on account of coronavirus is nicknamed “the meat aristocrat” – and debates are the same old thing for Clemens Tönnies.

Tönnies is Germany’s market head in meat creation: the plant close Gütersloh in western Germany utilizes around 7,000 individuals, who are all now in isolate. In excess of 1,500 have tried positive.

Clemens Tönnies, 64, apologized for the flare-up – the most noticeably awful coronavirus erupt in Germany since the specialists began facilitating limitations a month ago. There have been littler infection flare-ups in some other meat handling plants.

On Saturday Clemens called it “an existential emergency for the organization”.

There is outrage towards the firm in Gütersloh, where schools and kindergartens have now been closed.

Family example of overcoming adversity

Tönnies was established as a privately-owned company in 1971, by Clemens’ senior sibling Bernd, with Clemens in the lesser job, as he was just 15 at that point.

It developed to get one of Europe’s greatest meat makers. Today it utilizes around 16,500 individuals in Germany and Denmark, and half of the meat is sent out.

The plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück close Gütersloh butchers and procedures around 20,000 pigs day by day. However, presently creation has been suspended as the specialists race to contain the infection episode.

The greater part of the workforce at the plant are from eastern Europe: Romanians, Bulgarians, Poles and North Macedonians, Deutsche Welle news reports.

A neighborhood extremist, Inge Bultschnieder, has recently sorted out exhibits requesting better day to day environments for the transient specialists. Deutsche Welle discovered some of them living in flimsy, packed lodging close to the plant.

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The congestion is suspected to be a factor in the infection episode. Be that as it may, as in different abattoirs, at the Tönnies plant laborers for the most part stand near one another and the cool air likely encouraged the spread of the infection.

Police at Tönnies, 20 Jun 20

Tönnies had a turnover of €7.3bn a year ago ($8.2bn; £6.6bn). Forbes business news says Clemens has a total assets of about $2.3bn.

His nephew Robert, 42, claims half of the business, while Clemens has a 45% stake and his child Max 5%. Clemens’ sibling Bernd kicked the bucket in 1994, and Robert and his sibling acquired their dad’s stake.

For a considerable length of time Robert and Clemens faced a lawful conflict over proprietorship, settled in 2017.

Be that as it may, the harshness remains. At the point when the episode stood out as truly newsworthy a week ago Robert called for Clemens to stop, blaming the administration for being flighty and risking the firm and nearby individuals, German WDR news reports. Robert said Max Tönnies ought to supplant his dad in charge.

Tönnies workers, 22 Jun 20

Margit Tönnies is Clemens’ subsequent spouse. He has two youngsters.

Clemens is likewise leader of the administrative leading body of Schalke 04, one of Germany’s top Bundesliga clubs.

A year ago anyway he needed to move to one side from his football obligations for a quarter of a year in the wake of saying something which drew a volley of analysis.

In a discourse he called for German force plants to be worked in Africa, saying “then they’ll quit chopping down trees and when it’s dull, when we’ve given them power, they won’t make babies any more”.

He later apologized for his “botch” and gave help to youngsters in Africa.

Margit and Clemens Tönnies, Feb 2019

WDR reports that Clemens has been a fruitful organizer in governmental issues, arranging worthwhile business bargains, for example, one with Russian vitality monster Gazprom.

He has become a close acquaintence with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and gave him some substantial treats from Tönnies.