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Coronavirus: Comic book writer chronicles village’s virus ‘fightback’

Coronavirus: Comic book writer

A comic book author is helping a town mount a “fightback” against the monetary effect of the coronavirus.

Alan Grant – who is known for his work on Judge Dredd and Batman – lives in Moniaive, in Dumfries and Galloway.

He has helped many neighborhood occupants to deliver their own comic chronicling their battles with Covid-19.

Comic book

It is being offered to help produce assets for Revitalize Moniaive, which was set up to continue organizations and lift the town’s economy.

In the same way as other provincial networks, it has been hit hard by the infection and the subsequent limitations, with every single nearby celebration, shows and occasions dropped.

Mr Grant was drawn closer to put his abilities to use to help launch the crusade and “reduce the weariness” of lockdown.

It was a venture which immediately caught the creative mind and occupants of any age were quick to contribute.

The outcome – delivered with the contribution of many inhabitants – recounts to the account of how the “astonishing small town” has arranged during a period of emergency.

Comic book

Mr Grant said he had been intrigued by the nature of the work created by his neighbors.

“Sixty individuals from the network from four years of age to, I accept, almost 90 years of age have done the outlines for it and they have made an awesome activity,” he said.

“There are a few expert comic craftsmen who have added to it also in light of the fact that they are companions of mine.”

Mr Grant is a famous comic book author with a profession traversing over 40 years.

During that time he has worked for 2000AD, DC Comics, Marvel, Lego and free distributers.

Comic book

The town comic he has helped produce is viewed as a beginning stage in endeavors to raise assets and mindfulness for Revitalize Moniaive.

Mr Grant’s significant other, Sue, said the coronavirus flare-up was not the first run through the town had confronted misfortune.

“At the point when foot and mouth crushed the network in 2001, we arranged and reevaluated ourselves as a vacationer goal,” she said.

“After the monetary downturn, we reexamined ourselves as Moniaive Festival Village.

“In this way, when Covid-19 hit, devastating to all our difficult work, we concluded we would need to get it done again and have begun Revitalize Moniaive.

Comic book

“The comic is the initial step making a course for financial recuperation.”