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Coronavirus Italy: Man walks 450km after lockdown row with wife

Coronavirus Italy: Man

An Italian man ventured outside to chill in the wake of quarreling with his significant other – and wound up strolling 450km (280 miles).

Italians have nicknamed him “Forrest Gump” via online media, after the moderate witted legend of a 1994 film, played by Tom Hanks, who runs a large number of miles over the United States.

Police halted the Italian’s epic stroll at 2am in Fano on the Adriatic coast, seven days after he left Como in the north.

  • The man, 48, got a €400 (£362; $485) police fine for penetrating the time limit.
  • The story was first revealed by the Bologna-based paper Il Resto del Carlino yet immediately became a web sensation in Italian media.

A few remarks via web-based media introduced the man as chivalrous and censured the fine. One said he ought to have been compensated – not fined – and given another pair of shoes. Another lauded him for strolling off to cool his resentment, instead of falling back on savagery.

The man told police “I came here by walking, I didn’t utilize any vehicle”. He said “en route I met individuals who offered me food and drink”. “I’m OK, slightly drained,” he stated, having found the middle value of 60km every day.

Police discovered him meandering erratically and cold around evening time on a seaside thruway.


In the wake of checking his ID in their information base they found that his significant other had announced him missing, so they reached her and she made a trip to Fano to gather him.

The Italian reports didn’t state how she responded after discovering that he had gotten a €400 fine.