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Coronavirus: Search for 73 people linked to patient

Coronavirus: Search for 73 people

Somewhere in the range of 73 individuals are being followed in Guernsey in the wake of having direct contact with a corona virus persistent.

As indicated by wellbeing authorities, the individual continued with their every day schedule for a few days, regardless of demonstrating side effects.

The following by island specialists started after the individual tried positive.

Thirty-six cases had been affirmed in Guernsey on Friday night, an ascent of two individuals in 24 hours, with no coronavirus passings.

Seventy-one individuals are anticipating test results.

It is assessed there are 1,439 islanders under necessary self-disconnection, the greater part of them being returning voyagers, for example, understudies after Guernsey forced a 14-day isolate period for individuals going to the island.