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Council probe after workers burn memorial benches in Edinburgh

Council probe after workers burn


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An examination is in progress in the midst of cases around 70 remembrance seats were scorched by Edinburgh gathering laborers.

The Edinburgh Evening News reports harmed seats were expelled from West Princes Street Gardens and held for over a year at the Inch stop.

A portion of those demolished were devoted to Victoria Cross holders, it announced.

Council probe after workers burn memorial benches in Edinburgh

A chamber representative affirmed a test had been propelled and said “suitable move will be made”.

An informant guaranteed chiefs advised staff to consume the seats – after the commemoration plaques had been expelled – rather than fixing them up, in an offer to set aside cash.

Until 2018 City of Edinburgh Council was in actuality keeping up seats in interminability however it chose to end the training, because of cost, and rather present a 20-year upkeep guarantee.

A gathering representative stated: “We have an extremely clear arrangement set up to decommission seats deferentially when they arrive at a mind-blowing finish.

“This includes putting away the seats and plaques and contacting benefactors to examine future game plans and this was effectively followed.

“Standard practice is to reuse the pieces of the seats which can be reused and lamentably this piece of the procedure was not followed.

“An examination is in progress to comprehend why this has occurred and suitable move will be made.”

burn memorial benches

Decommissioning strategies

Wooden seats cost families £3,925, while a metal seat costs £1,965. Both accompany a 20-year guarantee.

On the off chance that a seat is regarded to be harmed destroyed, the dedicatory plaque is expelled and put away until it tends to be come back to the contributor, on the off chance that they wish.

The contributor is likewise reached and offered the chance to buy another metal seat or a wooden model, if the first was in either Princes Street Gardens, Saughton Park or the City Chambers Quadrangle.

In case of the gathering being not able contact a giver, the seat is evacuated and put away for a year.

Burning benches

In the event that the benefactor doesn’t react inside a year, at that point the seat is decommissioned.

This normally includes it being separated so any salvageable parts can be reused.