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Countdown clock to illuminate Downing Street on Brexit Day

Countdown clock to illuminate


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A clock checking down to the minute the UK leaves the EU on 31 January will be anticipated on to Downing Street as a major aspect of government intends to stamp Brexit Day.

Flags in Westminster

The clock will tick down to 23:00 GMT, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson will give a “unique” address to the country at night, the administration said.

An extraordinary 50p coin will likewise enter flow to stamp the event.

In the mean time, a battle to discover £500,000 to make Big Ben ring when the UK leaves the EU has raised more than £200,000.

Tycoon agent Arron Banks and the Leave Means Leave bunch have given £50,000 to the battle.

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Bringing down Street has said the PM will seat a bureau meeting in the north of England during the day, to talk about spreading “thriving and opportunity”.

10 Downing Street

He will at that point make an uncommon location to the country at night.

Mr Johnson is relied upon to be one of the principal individuals to get one of the recently stamped 50p coins, which will bear the aphorism “harmony, flourishing and kinship with all countries”.

Structures around Whitehall will be lit up to check Brexit, with the administration saying that, “in light of open calls, the Union Jack will be flown on the entirety of the banner shafts in Parliament Square”.

The administration says it will utilize the “noteworthy crossroads in our history” to “recuperate divisions, re-join networks and anticipate the nation that we need to work throughout the following decade.”

In any case, it isn’t sure whether Big Ben – which is as of now out of activity because of redesign work going on at the Houses of Parliament – will ring to check the minute the UK leaves the EU.

Recently, Mr Johnson revealed to Breakfast he needed people in general to raise assets to guarantee this can occur.

The House of Commons Commission gauges the cost will be up to £500,000, and it has raised worries over utilizing gifts to finance the venture.

It says this would include bringing back the tolling system and introducing a brief floor, bringing about deferrals to the protection work.

In any case, the crusade bunch Stand Up 4 Brexit set up an online intrigue to collect the cash, gathering more than £200,000 by Friday evening.

Queen Elizabeth Tower

‘Swelled the figure’

Traditionalist MP Mark Francois disclosed to Radio 4’s The World at One that the genius Brexit Leave Means Leave battle and Mr Banks had given £50,000.

He questioned whether the expense of getting the ringer to ring again was truly £500,000, including that he accepted authorities had “purposely expanded the figure” since “they would prefer not to do it”.

It comes as Downing Street has said EU residents won’t consequently be ousted in the event that they neglect to join to the settled status plot by the 2021.

Under the settlement plot, EU residents living in the UK can apply to remain in the nation after Brexit.

So far the quantity of candidates to the plan has hit more than 2.7 million.

UK voters sponsored leaving the EU by an edge of 52% to 48% in the June 2016 choice.