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Cousins in fatal Rhodes parasailing trip ‘had tight bond’

Cousins in fatal Rhodes parasailing


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The guardians of three British youngsters associated with a lethal parasailing occurrence in Greece have said the adolescents “had a very close bond”.

James and Jessica revising

Cousins Michael Connelly (known as Mikey), 13, and Jessica Hayes, 15, from Northamptonshire, passed on Wednesday after their parachute rope snapped.

Michael’s sibling James, 15, stays in emergency clinic.

James and Mikey

Jessica’s dad Tony Hayes stated: “They were cousins, yet they were nearer than most.”

Mr Hayes said two individuals captured over the episode had been accused of homicide by method of carelessness.

Jessica Hayes

James and Mikey

The 38-year-old said when the families showed up at their inn on the island of Rhodes on 24 October, Mikey said he had “consistently needed” to have a go at parasailing.

On 28 October the three cousins boarded a pontoon with different holidaymakers after the family were told it was appropriate for anybody beyond three years old, Mr Hayes said.

“We’ve since discovered that in Greece you ought to be 16 to participate,” he said.

The two arrangements of guardians looked as the pontoon set off with Jessica, James and Mikey ready.

Because of an adjustment in climate, the pontoon took an alternate course to common and “left sight”, Mr Hayes said.

“We hung tight for them on the sea shore and they never returned.”

Jessica and Mikey

Mikey, Jessica and James

As the climate intensified, Mr Hayes took Jessica’s more youthful sister back to their room while her mom, Kayleigh Hayes, remained on the sea shore with Mikey and James’ folks Philip and Sharon Connelly.

“My significant other called me and said ‘the vessel’s returned and they’re not on it – we’ve been told there’s been an awful mishap’,” Mr Hayes said.

The instructor said the families hung tight for about an hour prior to they were told their kids were in clinic.

Mr and Mrs Connelly went in a taxi with Mrs Hayes to the medical clinic while Mr Hayes remained at the lodging with their more youthful little girl.

“They got to the emergency clinic and the youngsters weren’t there,” he said.

Mr Hayes said the families were from the start told James was in the most genuine condition and Jessica and Mikey “were being treated for more modest wounds like bone breaks”.

“They saw James show up and he was in torment and shouting. They were very disturbed,” he said.

James and Jessica changing

Cops went to the lodging to gather the youngsters’ identifications however didn’t mention to Mr Hayes what had occurred.

“I said ‘where are Jessica and Mikey? What clinic would they say they are in? Are they alive?’ But they said they couldn’t let me know.”

Mr Hayes said it was hours before they were educated Jessica and Mikey had passed on.

“I told my most youthful that Mikey and Jessica had gone to paradise. She let out the more awful cry you can envision.”

James and Mikey

Jessica and Mikey

James stays in medical clinic in an instigated trance state however is supposed to be in a steady condition.

“Our principle center is James. We urgently need James to improve,” Mr Hayes said.

  • He said the three youngsters “were so close” and would see each other consistently.
  • Mikey and James’ folks repeated this feeling and said the cousins “had a very close bond since they were in nappies”.
  • Mr and Mrs Connelly depicted James as “the absolute best child”.

“He is in a dim spot seconds ago however with the help and supplication being offered and his clinical consideration I’m certain he’ll get through,” Mr Connelly said.

“He’ll awaken to discover his sibling and cousin in endless rest; it will destroy him like it has us.”

  • James and Mikey
  • The 42-year-old portrayed Mikey as a “sure, smart, liberal and cherishing youngster”.
  • “His misfortune will influence numerous lives,” he said.

The 13-year-old was an individual from Genesis Theater School in Corby and had as of late been marked by an organization.

“His gifts were evident since the beginning; he was bound for enormity and was en route to the top. He will consistently be our star,” his dad said.

“He goes along with his cousin Jessica. A wonderful youngster of numerous abilities.

“I’ve never known a more splendid kid. She’d developed into a canny understudy and, as James, would have crushed her tests easily however her opportunity to excel has been taken from her.”

Mikey, Jessica and James

Jessica Hayes

My Hayes depicted his girl as “amazingly lovely, such an old buddy thus inventive”.

“She carried chuckling and bliss to numerous individuals, she didn’t pay attention to herself constantly however she cherished a decent discussion,” he said.

“She was great.”

The families said the help and liberality from individuals in Northamptonshire and further abroad had been “stunning”.

“The generosity and warmth of individuals has invigorated us a feeling of we didn’t have previously,” they said.