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Covid-19 cases reported in all NI special schools

Covid-19 cases reported


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There has been in any event one affirmed Covid-19 case in the entirety of NI’s 39 extraordinary schools since the beginning of term.

That is as per the most recent data distributed by the Public Health Agency (PHA).

Around 75% of the 126 Covid-19 cases revealed by extraordinary schools to the PHA were among staff.

The PHA figures likewise show there were more than 140 “occurrences” in all schools in the week understudies returned after the all-inclusive half-term break.

An occurrence can be a solitary positive case, a group of two to five cases or in excess of five cases.

A group is characterized by the PHA as at least two research facility affirmed instances of Covid-19 among people in a single setting, for example, a school.

The PHA has been educated regarding 2,420 positive Covid cases in schools since the start of term in August until 8 November.

There had been 812 Covid-19 episodes in 625 schools up until that date, said the organization.

The pre-school area was the most un-influenced, with positive cases in just about 10% of 458 pre-schools.

On the other hand, right around nine out of 10 post-grade schools and each of the 39 extraordinary schools had at any rate one certain case.

Six unique schools had groups of in excess of five cases, while 76 post-grade schools had comparative bunches.

A pot of pencils in a study hall, with kids sitting at work areas out of sight

A sum of 365 elementary schools out of 805 in Northern Ireland had at any rate one case up until 8 November.

A pot of pencils in a classroom, with children sitting at desks in the background
  • Derry and Strabane was the committee region with the most noteworthy extent of schools influenced.
  • A big part of NI’s schools record Covid-19 cases
  • Very nearly 1,500 Covid-19 cases recorded in NI schools

As per the PHA figures, under 0.5% of understudies in Northern Ireland’s schools have tried positive for Covid-19 since the beginning of term.

Be that as it may, various different students or staff may need to self-segregate in the event that they are in close contact with a positive case.

A few students have just needed to self-seclude for a 14-day time frame more than once.

Separate participation measurements from the Department of Education (DE) show that around one in each 50 understudies (2.1%) in Northern Ireland was recorded self-segregating in the week after half-term.

Nonetheless, that was an altogether lower extent than the week prior to the break.