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Covid patient urges people not to visit family at Christmas

Covid patient urges people

A dad who is in clinic with Covid has encouraged individuals not to see family members over Christmas.

Chris Lea, from Harpenden, Hertfordshire, was hospitalized on Wednesday as he “battled for each breath”.

From his emergency clinic bed, the 60-year-old said the idea of individuals going around the nation seeing family was “stressing the damnation out of me”.

“It does not merit losing an auntie, an uncle or grandparent,” he said.

  • Mr Lea is on oxygen and being treated with different medications at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.
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Would i be able to see both my children at Christmas? Furthermore, different inquiries

The dad of-four said he had encountered sleepiness for a couple of days yet on Wednesday his circumstance “raised from getting winded to battling for each breath in only a couple hours”.

“The expression on my kid child’s face when I was battling for breath was lamentable,” he said.

  • Outside view Luton and Dunstable Hospital
  • picture captionMr Lea was admitted to medical clinic on Wednesday

Mr Lea’s said his child’s year bunch was sent home from school and advised to disengage as of late because of two positive cases and he fears this might be the way he contracted the infection.

“Sending youngsters to blend in with other relatives at Christmas is imprudent,” he said.

“On the off chance that you saw the expression on my child’s face when I was battling for my breath you would not have any desire to send these youngsters everywhere on the nation to see their family.

Exterior view Luton and Dunstable Hospital

“You don’t need to drop Christmas, simply delay it, we are so close now with this antibody – have the enormous family get-together at Easter or in the mid year.”

  • Mr Lea said the consideration he was accepting was “extraordinary” and he had gained fast ground in 48 hours.
  • “The specialists, nurture, the doormen, everybody is buckling down, they’re working like insane,” he said.
  • “They’re astounding truly. They merit an award.”