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Covid: Romania’s ‘hero’ doctor taken to Belgium for treatment for severe burns

Covid: Romania's 'hero' doctor


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A Romanian specialist who endured extreme consumes subsequent to attempting to spare Covid-19 patients from a clinic fire has been taken to Belgium for treatment.

Dr Catalin Denciu was designated “brave” by PM Ludovic Orban, who lauded his “specific mental fortitude and soul of penance” attempting to spare the patients.

  • Ten patients passed on in the blast at the medical clinic in Piatra Neamt on Saturday.
  • A request has been dispatched into how the dangerous fire broke out in the public clinic’s emergency unit.
  • The fire likewise spread to a bordering room.
The emergency services at the scene of a hospital fire where the intensive care unit was burned in Piatra Neamt, Romania, 14 November 2020

A few reports propose a clinical machine burst into flames, lighting a close by oxygen chamber. Provincial authorities state the unit was moved from the third floor of the clinic to the second without legitimate warning.

The crisis administrations at the location of a clinic fire where the emergency unit consumed in Piatra Neamt, Romania, 14 November 2020

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Seven men and three ladies, matured somewhere in the range of 67 and 86, passed on in the fire. Six other Covid-19 patients harmed in the fire were moved to another clinic in the city of Iasi.

Dr Denciu was moved to Belgium’s Queen Astrid military clinic, having been taken to the capital Bucharest subsequent to enduring second to severe singeing to 40% of his body, authorities said.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis considered it a “immense misfortune” and said it was imperative to discover what had happened “to keep away from comparable circumstances in future”.

Romania has detailed in excess of 360,000 instances of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, and almost 9,000 passings.


Almost 13,000 Covid-19 patients were in medical clinic across Romania as of Sunday, incorporating 1,169 in serious consideration units, Reuters news office reports.