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Demand for Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s release renewed as media workers continue protest

Demand for Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s


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PESHAWAR: The media laborers of the Jang Group proceeded with the dissent outside their workplaces on Thursday against the capture of Jang, and Geo Editor-in-Chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

The dissenters were conveying pennants and notices recorded with trademarks for their requests. They recited mottos against the legislature and looked for the arrival of Mir Shakil. The speakers censured the legislature for capturing the Jang Group boss in a 35 years of age property case which hosted been settled on the two gatherings in the wake of satisfying all the lawful necessities. Peshawar Press Club President Syed Bukhar Shah in his discourse said the administration needed to smother the free press yet trusted it would not succeed.

He requested arrival of Mir Shakil Rehman and withdrawal of bodies of evidence against him. The PPC boss spoke to the central equity of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to pay heed to the case and give equity to the Jang Group editorial manager in-boss. He said Jang Group never postponed compensations and halted offices to laborers before however the legislature retained the significant media bunch advertisements contribution because of which it neglected to pay the pay rates on schedule.

Syed Bukhar Shah requested a prompt arrival of contribution to the Jang Group so the torments of laborers could be diminished. Day by day Jang Resident Editor, Arshad Aziz Malik alluded to the human rights associations reports and progressing treacheries with the significant media bunch in Pakistan.

He said the capture of Mir Shakil was gaining a terrible name for the nation at the worldwide level, focusing on that such strategies would not prevent columnists from performing obligations and featuring the super outrages.

Geo Bureau Chief Shakeel Farman Ali excoriated the administration for capturing Mir Shakil in the property case, yet brought up that the worldwide media and human rights associations were checking the case.

He said Mir Shakil capture was an assault on the autonomous press which was not satisfactory to the media laborers. He promised to proceed with the battle till the arrival of Mir Shakil. A previous leader of the Khyber Union of Journalists, Javed Aziz Khan, denounced the administration for capturing Mir Shakil, however said such strategies couldn’t pressurize the Jang Group to quit featuring reality.

He said the biggest media gathering of the nation was being rebuffed for composing and broadcasting reality. The previous KhUJ boss promised to proceed with the battle till the acknowledgment of their requests. Sabir Aman of censured the unlawful capture and requested the arrival of Mir Shakil. He said Jang Geo had consistently featured reality and would keep on doing as such in future, including modest strategies would not prevent them from performing obligations.

The senior columnists hated the offers to advance built news coverage in the nation and said such endeavors ought to be stood up to. Imdad Ali Qazalbash brought the pain on the administration for pressurizing the media into concealing the truth.He said by capturing Mir Shakil, the administration needed to pass on a notice to other media proprietors however he trusted the rulers would not prevail in this arrangement.