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Dispute looms over centralised Hial air traffic control

Dispute looms over centralised


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Staff at Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (Hial) could make a mechanical move over designs to unify a portion of its traffic signal, as indicated by an association.

Hial has proposed controlling air traffic at six air terminals midway from a center in Inverness.

The association Prospect said a few individuals were reluctant to migrate, which means almost 50 could lose their positions.

  • Hial contested the figure and said there were no necessary excess plans.

Under Hial’s arrangement, automated pinnacles would be situated at Sumburgh in Shetland, Dundee, Wick John O’Groats, Kirkwall in Orkney, and Stornoway and Benbecula in the Western Isles.

  • They would take care of data to the focal center in Inverness.
  • Prospect has guaranteed this would prompt the minimizing of Benbecula and Wick air terminals.

The association said a review of its individuals recommended they would uphold making a modern move over the issue.

Arrangements official David Avery stated: “Prospect individuals in Hial are totally dedicated to ensuring and serving their nearby networks.

“That is the reason they are restricting this profoundly harming venture which will lessen administrations at two air terminals, remove £2.2m of direct work from nearby economies and put almost 50 staff out of a work.”

‘Investigating all alternatives’

Hial overseeing chief Inglis Lyon stated: “We wish to stay away from mechanical activity and have accordingly written to Prospect to recommend we connect with the administrations of an outer facilitator to help settle matters and we anticipate a reaction.”

“We completely invalidate Prospect’s cases of 50 staff redundancies. From the start, we have been evident that Hial has a no obligatory excess approach and we are investigating all alternatives with our partners.”

Hial said its air traffic the executives framework expected to changed to address operational issues now and into what’s to come.

It said computerized tower innovation had been operational since 2015 and was at that point being utilized, or during the time spent being presented, for Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Danish, Belgian, Irish and UK air traffic the board.