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‘Distracted’ doctor killed Jessica Howe in M11 crash

'Distracted' doctor killed Jessica


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A “diverted” specialist caused an accident which executed a lady on her path home from a Christmas celebration, a court heard.

Dr Jane Maraka struck the vehicle before her on the M11 on 16 December 2018, making it turn into a tree and execute traveler Jessica Howe, 22.

A judge said “most likely” Maraka had been occupied by her two small kids.

Maraka, 33, of Newcastle, was given a suspended prison term in the wake of conceding causing demise via thoughtless driving.

M11 car crash

Cambridge Crown Court heard Maraka’s Mercedes hit the close to side of the Nissan Ms Howe was in, making it veer left off the street, where it rolled and struck a tree.

Examiner Marti Blair said Maraka, a learner expert plastic specialist, was heard at the scene, close to Cambridge, saying “I cut her”.

Ms Howe, of Dunmow, Essex, endured head wounds and kicked the bucket in emergency clinic the next day.

Ms Howe’s dad, Ian, said his girl was “flawless, all around, clever, idiosyncratic and loaded with life” and that they were presently in “living hellfire”.

Relieving, Miranda Moore QC, said Maraka, of Simonburn Avenue, had demonstrated “prompt regret”.

Judge Farrell QC stated: “I have most likely that you [Maraka] more likely than not been diverted, no doubt by the youngsters which had been in the rear of the vehicle.”

Condemning her to eight months, suspended for a year, Judge Farrell said there had been an “unsatisfactory deferral” in getting the case through the court procedure, which had caused a “heinous strain” on each one of those included.

Distracted' doctor killed Jessica Howe in M11 crash

Sgt Mark Dollard stated: “Our feelings go to the loved ones of Jessica Howe following this sad occurrence where a young lady unnecessarily lost her life.

“Examinations of this nature are very intricate and require a lot of work from officials to build up the reason for an impact and assemble the proof required to bring an arraignment.”