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Does Russia’s new culture minister hate the arts?

Does Russia's new culture


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Russia’s new culture serve, Olga Lyubimova, has understanding of film and TV generation yet she clearly once stated “I’m not bleeding refined by any stretch of the imagination”.

She is a piece of the new government group under Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The unpolished perspectives on culture were summarized in a 2008 blog which gripes “I can’t stand going to presentations, exhibition halls, show”.

Observing says the subtleties coordinate Ms Lyubimova’s true to life information and seem, by all accounts, to be certifiable.

Artful dance and old style music were likewise recorded among her pet detests.

Olga Lyubimova

The last section in the Kropalik blog on the LiveJournal stage was in 2010. It has not been checked by the and the way of life service presently can’t seem to remark.

It isn’t clear why she would be scornful about expressions of the human experience, taking into account that she has dedicated her vocation to social issues.

Further on the blog says: “I’ve been to Paris, yet not to the Louver… I haven’t been on a gondola stumble on the Venice channels.

“I’ve been to the British Museum, National Gallery and a couple dozen progressively European and Russian historical centers and figure I burned through my time there.”

Universal Church center

Ms Lyubimova, 39, turned into a TV reporter in 2001. Her folks were unmistakable figures in the Russian entertainment business world. She graduated in news coverage from the renowned Moscow State University (MGU).

In her TV profession she spent significant time in narratives and different projects covering Orthodox Church subjects. From 2016 she was responsible for social and media programs on Channel One, Russia’s chief state-claimed TV channel.

Russian resistance pioneer and against debasement blogger Alexei Navalny tweeted a photograph of her brandishing a provocative T-shirt. It bears the message: “Who are you? What do you need? I don’t have any acquaintance with you”, trailed by a revolting comment.

Restriction lines

Olga Lyubimova

Before her advancement she headed the film division under her ancestor as culture serve, Vladimir Medinsky, who has been made President Vladimir Putin’s consultant on culture.

Mr Medinsky’s residency was set apart by contentions over social oversight, remembering a boycott for screening the hit British parody The Death of Stalin. He acted frequently to advance Russian movies and limit different outside movies.

  • Russia bars The Death of Stalin
  • Russian films disregard film after dangers
  • Russian line over Wagner drama boycott in Siberia

The beautiful 2008 blog entry was tweeted by Ilya Shumanov of hostile to debasement bunch Transparency International, and a few others.

“Obviously you could have designated such an individual to whatever activity, only not to head Russia’s social strategy,” he composed.

‘Smart, taught lady’

In spite of her long stretches of association with film, Ms Lyubimova is said to have expressed: “I can’t watch by far most of narrative movies” and “I don’t comprehend a ridiculous thing about arthouse film”.

She has been commended in certain quarters, nonetheless.

A celebrated Russian film pundit, Anton Dolin of Iskusstvo Kino (Film Art) magazine, said on Facebook: “I’ve known Olga Lyubimova for a long while… Today I’m earnestly glad that Russia has as culture serve a youthful, keen, instructed, realistic lady without devotion or negativity”.

  • In his view “she cherishes culture, or if nothing else, film”.
  • As a helper to President Putin, Mr Medinsky’s impact is set to stay solid.
  • The contentions including him included:

His doctoral proposition on Russian history, which scholastic specialists saw as ailing in academic meticulousness

His barrier of the “consecrated legend” of the 28 Panfilovtsy: Soviet officers who were professed to have halted 50 Nazi tanks, yet whose accomplishment was uncovered to be fiction

His case that Russians “have an additional chromosome”, in light of their wonderful recuperation from twentieth Century debacles

He marked devotees of funnies “dolts” since “funnies are for individuals who are poor at perusing”.