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Egypt accuses Turkish news agency staff of ‘false news’

Egypt accuses Turkish news agency


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CAIRO: Egypt has blamed four staff for Turkey’s state news organization Anadolu whom it captured of spreading “bogus news” and working with the banned Muslim Brotherhood gathering.

Police attacked their Cairo office on Tuesday and officially captured them on Wednesday during a period of rising strains between the opponent countries. The inside service charged that agency was a front for a “Turkish troll ranch … plan on communicating bogus news about the nation’s political, monetary, security and rights circumstance”.

 false news’

It distributed the complete names of those captured – three Egyptian columnists and one Turkish resident who dealt with the workplace’s accounts.

The service said the representatives were working “with the point of twisting the picture” of Egypt and said their cases had been alluded to the arraignment.

Turkey has brought Egypt’s charge d’affaires to fight the attack.

The Turkish and Egyptian governments are furious opponents, since Ankara unequivocally bolstered Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood organization that was toppled by a military ouster in 2013.

  • Egypt prohibited the Islamist bunch around the same time.
  • Ankara and Cairo are additionally on rival sides of the Libyan clash.

Turkey underpins the UN-perceived government in Tripoli, which is under attack from powers faithful to eastern-based general Khalifa Haftar, who is bolstered by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

The United States, a partner of both Turkey and Egypt, said it had seen news gives an account of the strike and captures.

 Egypt accuses Turkish news agency

“Assuming genuine, we approach the Egyptian government to discharge the kept writers and take into account a free and open press in Egypt,” a State Department representative said.