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Eímear Noone makes history as Oscars’ first female conductor

Eímear Noone makes history


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Irish author Eímear Noone will be the principal lady to direct a symphony at the Oscars.

Eímear Noone

She will lead the 42-piece ensemble at the Academy Awards as it plays passages from five named scores on Sunday 9 February.

The Galway-conceived conductor was welcome to assume responsibility by Oscars’ Music Director Rickey Minor.

Noone applauded the makers who “might want to at long last observe a female nearness on the platform”.

Nerve-wracking occasion

Addressing Variety magazine, she communicated a few nerves before the enormous occasion.

“I’d be dead inside on the off chance that I didn’t have any worries,” she said.

“Fortunately for me, I have companions in the symphony and I have companions on the page before me.

 Eímear Noone makes history as Oscars' first female conductor

“The foundation changes, however the little dark specks on the page are constantly home for me.

“Regardless of what nation I’m in or what show lobby, it doesn’t make a difference – the score is the place my psyche and my heart are.”

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Rousing females

Noone directs upwards of 50 shows every year and was the principal lady to lead at Dublin’s National Concert Hall.

She has directed the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra alongside symphonies around the globe including the Philadelphia Orchestra, Dallas Symphony, the Royal Philharmonic of London and the Sydney Symphony in Australia.

Eímear Noone makes history as Oscars' first female conductor

Noone revealed to Variety she would like to rouse people in the future of female conductors and arrangers.

“It’s a respect to be there, to help standardize something that I do each day,” she said.

  • “Young ladies wherever will see this and state: ‘I figure I’ll do that.’
  • “That is the thing that we need.”