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Erdogan demotes military architect of Turkey’s Libya policy

Erdogan demotes military


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JEDDAH: A key military pioneer behind Ankara’s maritime strategy with respect to Libya was suspended from dynamic obligations in an unexpected move by the Turkish president on Friday night.

The back naval commander and head of staff of the Turkish Navy, Cihat Yayci, was alloted to the Turkish General Staff in the choice marked by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

An ongoing close counselor to Erdogan on Mediterranean issues, Yayci was the draftsman of Turkey’s dubious oceanic approach with Libya.

Regardless of whether the minimizing of his post is an indication of progress in Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean approach stays questionable.

In an ongoing book, “Prerequisites of Greece: The Problems in the Aegean with Questions and Answers,” Yayci contended that as the replacement to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey should guarantee sway over certain islands and islets in the Aegean Sea. This rankled Greek authorities and stood out as truly newsworthy in Turkey’s western neighbor.

In an announcement in December, Erdogan had offered thanks to Yayci for his work on his nation’s Libya arrangement, and for presenting the Turkish-Libyan oceanic arrangement that was marked on Nov. 27.

The respective understanding was censured by numerous individuals as a fait accompli planned for changing territorial elements.

Yayci increased a lot of ubiquity in genius government circles. He likewise recommended drawing up a comparable sea delimitation understanding for Israel — an unexpected move that was secured by .

As per an Ankara-based ex-military official turned investigator, the coterie that once bolstered Yayci inside the foundation may have lost impact.

“Presently the primary inquiry is whether he’ll present his acquiescence or sit tight for August when Turkey’s Supreme Military Council will be held,” he told.

“Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar either pushes for the retirement of the commanders who repudiate him or reassigns them to detached obligations.”

The Supreme Military Council, a board of trustees met by senior armed force authorities and directed by the Turkish president, is normally held in the main seven day stretch of August and declares the advancements and excusals of head honchos.

Everyone’s eyes were on Yayci during the current year’s chamber, where he was required to be elevated to bad habit chief of naval operations.

Another Ankara-based military expert told: “His (Yayci’s) dubious books covering proposals for Turkish oceanic approach enraged Akar, as he was straightforward in voicing his thoughts regarding military moves.”

The examiner stated: “Nonetheless, the issue that is finally too much to bear was his (Yayci’s) emphasis on pushing for exchanges among Israel and Ankara over the delimitation of sea outskirts. The Turkish Foreign Ministry was against such an arrangement.”

Yayci was kept from going to a basic system meeting at the presidential royal residence in December. Another chief naval officer was sent in his place with no official clarification.