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Essex lorry deaths: Irish smuggling connection

Essex lorry deaths

One of the instigators of the group which permitted 39 Vietnamese individuals to pass on in the rear of a lorry was an Irish haulier with a background marked by sneaking.

Ronan Hughes lived in Tyholland, County Monaghan, near the Irish outskirt.

Hughes, 41, and lorry driver Maurice Robinson, 26, had recently conceded the homicide of 39 Vietnamese travelers who were discovered dead in a lorry trailer in Essex in October 2019.

On Monday, two different men were seen as blameworthy of murder: Eamonn Harrison, 24, who dropped off the trailer at the Belgian port, and individuals runner Gheorghe Nica, 43, were indicted by an Old Bailey jury.

Lorry driver Christopher Kennedy, 24, from County Armagh, who gathered the trailers from Purfleet on two fruitful runs, asserted he thought he was moving cigarettes, yet was seen as blameworthy of planning to help unlawful movement.