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Fake nursing school in Karachi dupes over 50 students

Fake nursing school in Karachi


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Karachi: A phony nursing school ran the expectations of at any rate 50 hopeful attendants in Karachi, a media report said on Monday.

At the point when Mohsin Sarwar and his 47 different cohorts showed up at the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing to continue their investigations, they were befuddled to see the entryways shut, said the Geo News report.

The understudies contacted instructors and proprietor of the school yet got no reaction.

“Following day, one of our group colleagues got a call made by the girl of the proprietor of the organization. She guaranteed that the administration had chosen to move the organization elsewhere and all the understudies will be educated later about it,” Sarwar disclosed to The News International.

The understudy added that the proprietor’s girl likewise guided the students to store their expenses in the ledger of the establishment, which some did.

At the point when the understudies didn’t hear back from the school organization in the next weeks, they endeavored to contact instructors however found the numbers off.

“We got admissions to the foundation in September 2018. At first, the school organized classes for the understudies, and understudies and educators promptly went to the establishment. Be that as it may, later, the educators began to leave individually,” Sarwar said.

As indicated by The News International, the 50 understudies that got taken a crack at the establishment in 2018 currently accept that they were hoodwinked by Chairman of the King Solomon’s Institute of Nursing Tasadiq Rahat.

The paper likewise detailed that the organization had gotten 70,000 PKR as affirmation charge from every understudy and a month to month educational expense of 7,000 PKR.

“During the most recent two years, every understudy has paid in excess of 200,000 PKR to the establishment. The understudies lost their cash as well as squandered two years of 50 understudies,” said another understudy.

A body of evidence was enlisted against the organization on October 27, however no captures have been made up until now.