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Fraud victims’ pay deducted for money they don’t owe

Fraud victims' pay deducted

A huge number of individuals have gotten letters from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) requesting reimbursement of advantages never asserted or got.

Groups of thugs take individuals’ subtleties to apply for advance installments of widespread credit. The cash is paid to them however the individual whose character has been taken gets the bill.

In the event that the cash isn’t reimbursed deliberately the DWP educates bosses to deduct the cash straightforwardly from compensations.

  • Numerous cases include more than £1,000.
  • The DWP has apologized to casualties who’ve attempted to get past on the telephone numbers they give to report fakes.
  • Every one of them got letters all of a sudden requesting reimbursement and afterward battled to report their interests to the DWP.
  • Upset and dissatisfaction

Jo went through hours attempting to break through to the DWP helpline to tell them that she’s never applied for widespread credit not to mention got a development.

At the point when she told the DWP that she’d heard that a ton of this kind of misrepresentation was occurring she was told “not to think all that you read on Facebook”.


After fourteen days, her boss called her to reveal to her that they’d been told by the DWP to deduct cash from her December pay.

“That was quite disturbing on the grounds that it seemed like they hadn’t taken on my interests in regards to the misrepresentation and they’d just begun to recuperate that obligation without completely exploring the circumstance,” she disclosed to Money Box.

The DWP gives Direct Earning Notices to businesses to recuperates monies owed. The business faces a fine of up to £1,000 on the off chance that it neglects to consent.

Another audience, Martin, was encouraged to report the extortion on the web but since he didn’t have a clue about the personality of the individual perpetrating the wrongdoing he couldn’t do as such.

“I’ve invested a ton of energy and had a ton of dissatisfaction with this I actually don’t realize whether they will demand my boss to deduct cash from my compensation.”

Altogether, Money Box raised the instances of four casualties with the DWP and in each occasion it chose to close the cases.

A representative told the program: “We do speculate, as they propose, that there is extortion included and we have likewise suspended the recuperation so they shouldn’t have cash removed their wages.”

The DWP set up a Stolen Identity group to explore cases of extortion recently. However, Stephen Timms, seat of the Work and Pensions Committee disclosed to Money Box that it wasn’t working the manner in which it should be.

A week ago Conservative MP Will Quince, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at Department for Work and Pensions, responding to an inquiry put to him by Mr Timms, uncovered that there had been almost 6,000 associated cases with widespread credit personality commandeer over the most recent a half year.


In March this year the National Audit Office announced that this kind of extortion might have cost the public authority up to £221m.

The DWP revealed to Money Box that it had refreshed phone informing and direction for call overseers and presented another cycle for petitioners who state they are being utilized in a cheat.

It additionally asked any individual who had been not able to reach them to attempt again utilizing the number 0800 916 0647.