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Geese at Slimbridge nature reserve died from bird flu

Geese at Slimbridge nature


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Three wild geese, discovered dead at a nature hold in Gloucestershire, kicked the bucket from winged creature influenza, it has been affirmed.

The winged creatures were found by staff at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Slimbridge toward the finish of October.

General Health England (PHE) counsel is that the danger to general wellbeing from the strain of influenza is “extremely low”.

WWT said it was working with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), PHE, and Gloucestershire County Council to screen the circumstance.

The two greylag geese and one Canada goose were shipped off APHA for testing, and results show they had the H5N8 strain of avian flu.

H5N8 is a similar strain that Cheshire prior this month, and which has been found as of late in Germany and the Netherlands.

A representative said staff were following exhortation, research and a pre-arranged reaction plan, to guarantee the untamed life and individuals at Slimbridge “have the best security”.

The nature hold has been shut to the general population since 5 November in consistence with government Covid guidelines for the four-week lockdown in England.

The danger level of avian flu invasion in wild winged animals in Great Britain has been raised to “high” following the irrelevant affirmed cases in Gloucestershire and Cheshire.

Fledgling managers have been asked to “stay alert” for any indications of infection, and report speculated illness right away.