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Google Pixel 5 teardown reveals easy display replacement

Google Pixel 5 teardown reveals

This week, Zach of Jerry Rig Everything put the Google Pixel 5 through his toughness test, which uncovered that the Google Pixel 5 didn’t put as much metal in the telephone as it said it did. Notwithstanding it’s plastic outside, it was in fact one extreme treat.

Even after coincidentally puncturing the rear of the Pixel 5’s battery (which made a couple of sparkles fly) and following an hour bunch in CH3)2CO, the Pixel 5 actually controlled back on. Zach proceeds with a teardown of the Pixel 5,which uncovered two or three fascinating plan decisions and the simple screen substitution.

To begin, there are no screws holding the Pixel 5 together. Since the telephone’s body is made of this “bio-gum” shell, it’s held to the screen with only past cement. Warming this glue and cautiously prying around it uncovered that the Google Pixel 5’s presentation is held into the board by a solitary connector, which is held in by a hook section. This implies that maintenance specialists wouldn’t require a screwdriver to play out this substitution, however it requires a warmth firearm and suction=cup screen separator.

We got a decent gander at the in-consider speaker that was behind the showcase – the Pixel 5 doesn’t utilize a customary ear-piece on the telephone, and rather mounted it directly behind the OLED screen. A fascinating goody about the Pixel 5’s internals is the choices to let the battery marginally cover the motherboard, which required the battery to be eliminated before the primary board.

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At long last, there was the metal plating inside the telephone, which is here, however it doesn’t cover as a large part of the telephone as a picture made it look. Google clarified that within the telephone looked more like this (see picture above), yet as we find in this teardown, there’s not as much metal here. Notwithstanding, the telephone stays strong and tough.

Look at the video above to see the telephone’s innards.