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Hate crime probe launched into Telford school attack

Hate crime probe launched


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An assault by auxiliary school students in Telford is being treated as a disdain wrongdoing, police have said.

The West Mercia power said it knew about a video circling via online media of a kid being assaulted in an “extraordinarily upsetting episode”.

It seems to show an understudy from the Sikh people group being pushed to the ground by two different young men and afterward struck various occasions in the head.

Charlton School said it had taken “quick and fitting activity”.

  • An assertion on the school site said it occurred on 13 November outside school grounds and included some of its understudies.
  • “We have taken quick, prompt and proper activity, including sanctions and focused on mediation for the culprits,” it said.
  • “A police examination is continuous, and we are co-working completely.”

The school said the guardians of the sum total of what concerned have been reached and it was working intimately with the nearby Sikh people group.

West Mercia Police stated: “We are regarding this as a scorn wrongdoing and with the most extreme earnestness.

“Our investigations into the inspiration around the episode are proceeding and we are working with our nearby networks to give consolation.”