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Highest number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Twin Cities recorded

Highest number of confirmed COVID-19


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Rawalpindi: The most elevated number of patients tried positive for coronavirus sickness, COVID-19 of every one day was accounted for here in the twin urban communities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Friday since the flare-up hit this area of the nation as in most recent 24 hours, upwards of 80 additional patients have been affirmed positive for the malady taking all out number of affirmed patients to 874 in the twin urban areas.

Information gathered on Friday uncovers that in most recent 24 hours, upwards of 50 new patients have been tried positive for COVID-19 from the locale taking absolute number of affirmed patients so far detailed from Rawalpindi to 531. The principal persistent in the region was tried positive for COVID-19 here at Benazir Bhutto Hospital on March 20. The 24-year old male patient had arrived at Pakistan from Dubai.

In the interim, in most recent 24 hours, another 30 patients were tried positive for COVID-19 in Islamabad Capital Territory that has taken the all out number of patients so far affirmed positive in ICT to 343. The main patient, a 61-year old male in ICT was tried positive at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on February 26. He had gone through a month in Iran for journey (ziaraat).

It merits referencing here that on April 1, an aggregate of 42 patients were tried positive from Rawalpindi locale while 54 from ICT making a sum of 96 patients. On Friday, the number has arrived at 874. Till April 1, just three patients passed on of coronavirus disease in the twin urban communities and every one of the three passings were from Rawalpindi. Until now, an aggregate of 34 affirmed patients have lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the district.

Of an aggregate of 531 patients so far tried positive from the area, upwards of 153 have so far been released after treatment from human services offices while 30 have lost their lives, said Executive District Officer (Health) Dr. Sohail Ahmed Chaudhary while conversing with Friday.

He included that 93 affirmed patients of the malady have been in detachment at their homes in the locale while 255 affirmed patients have been experiencing treatment at the human services offices around assigned for crown the executives.

He said a sum of four human services offices including Corona Management Center at Rawalpindi Institute of Urology, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Pakistan Red Crescent Rawalpindi and a field medical clinic at Shahbaz Sharif Sports Complex have just been taking a shot at overseeing COVID-19 patients in the region while Holy Family Hospital is additionally going to make its crown ward practical.

Discussing people in isolate, he said three people from ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ are under isolate at Zakariya Masjid in Westridge Rawalpindi while 11 in University of Engineering and Technology Taxila. The wellbeing office is sitting tight for their outcomes, he said.

Another 987 people are under isolate at their homes while somewhere in the range of 274 have just finished isolate period, he said. On Friday, upwards of 348 dynamic instances of COVID-19 were experiencing treatment in the area.

In ICT, out of a sum of 343 affirmed patients, 44 have recuperated and four passed on of the illness. On Friday, there were an absolute 295 dynamic cases in ICT as indicated by the National Command and Control Center.