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How to Recover Deleted Files from Seagate External Hard Drive?

Recover Deleted Files from Seagate


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When we mention data recovery, we have to talk about the data structure of hard disc, file recovery principle and system initial operation process whose knowledge are the necessary to apply in data recovery. Even though no need to restore data, it is much useful and helpful for users to mater such knowledge in their paper work. We would like to take example of Seagate External Hard Drive. As common sense, there is no way to use it when user first bought it from shop. The hard Drive must be set partitions and formatted accordingly and then to put in use once the operation system is installed properly. When we take another example of Win9x/Me series, the hard disc should be divided into a few sections including main guide sector, operation system guide sector, FAT table, DIR directory sector and data sector. Among these, MBR takes very important role in hard disc which the very one can read text content when hard disc is started up.

Why Data Recovery Stand out?

By now, let us get back from software data processing. When data has been deleted, it means that windows system gets rid of contents from listed files from tables while the real file still keep in partitions. The space supposed to store the file becomes empty and wait for re-write next time. Before the black space is still on, it is possible for recovery software to get back after they are deleted. With having more experiences with software, we believe that

Data Recovery (for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista), or  Data Recovery for Mac adds some very nice features, like one-key reset, speeding scan while other common software does not have. So, it seem very little awkward to do something in data recovery. It is designed primarily for projects where computer hard disc is collapsed, attacked by virus and accident data missing. It is common for multiple usages in recovering photos, videos and files in other formats. The easiest way to do it is enhanced functionalities in scanning; checking and correcting so some other software are still not nice as it.

Losing data from Seagate hard drive is really bad, especially you haven’t backed up the important data. Most of the information lost from it is hard to collect and even impossible to get them second time. Therefore, using an effective Seagate data recovery software like Data Recovery to recover lost or deleted files from Seagate external ahrd disk should be urgent. Additionally, it suits plenty more kinds of storage media like external hard drive, USB drive, digital camera, mobile phone and more. Everything you want can be get back by this powerful and reliable software without any quality loss. Just get the free trial version of the software from the buttons as below.

How to Restore Data Lost/Deleted from Seagate Hard Drive?

Step 1. Connect Seagate hard drive to PC and launch the program

Download and install the data recovery software for Seagate hard drive. Now get your hard drive connected to your computer or laptop. Launch the software by clicking the shortcut present on the desktop, and then you will get its interface like below. Select “Deleted Recovery” from the 4 recovery modes to have a try. If failed, you can try the “Raw Recovery”.

Step 2. Scan your Seagate hard drive data

Click the button of “Next” and you will enter the next screen, where all logical and physical drives will be detected. Select the drive for your Seagate hard drive from which you need to recover lost data and click the “Scan” button to start scanning data on it.

Step 3. Preview and start recovery instantly

The software will start scanning on the Seagate hard drive to find the deleted data. Once the scanning is finished, you can preview all the scanned out and recoverable data to select the photos, videos, documents and other files you want to recover. Mark those you need and click on the “Recover” button. After you select a folder from your PC to store the data, the recovery process will begin at once.

Note: Please remember to save the recovered files into another storage locations like your computer or other external hard drive. Don’t save them to your Seagate hard drive again in order to prevent them from being overwritten.

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