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India: Officials claim Pakistan ‘spy’ pigeon captured

India: Officials claim Pakistan

A pigeon associated with being prepared to “spy” by Pakistan has been caught in India along one of the world’s most challenged fringes, Indian authorities said.

They said the winged creature was conveying a “coded message” and was gotten by residents in Manyari, along the outskirt which isolates Indian and Pakistan-controlled pieces of Kashmir.

Kathua Police’s senior administrator Shailendra Mishra said the townspeople gave the pigeon to police on Sunday after it flew into a lady’s home from Pakistan.

He stated: “A ring was seen connected to one of its legs with certain numbers on it and a test is on.

“We can’t state it was utilized for spying. Local people, seeing a label attached with its leg, got the pigeon.

“Some considered it a coded message. In Pakistan’s Punjab, individuals attach number labels on pigeons to guarantee possession.”

Winged creatures have purportedly been utilized for surveillance in the contested locale previously.

In 2016, police in Pathankot, in India’s Punjab state, took in a winged creature that was found close to the Pakistan fringe which had a note joined to it with a supposed danger to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The year prior to, a winged animal was held onto a couple of miles from the outskirt in the wake of being spotted conveying a “stepped message” on its body, as per nearby reports.