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Japan ‘Twitter killer’ sentenced to death

Japan 'Twitter killer'

A man who killed nine individuals subsequent to reaching them on Twitter has been condemned to death, in a prominent case that has stunned Japan.

Takahiro Shiraishi, named the “Twitter executioner”, was captured in 2017 after body parts were found in his level.

  • He had conceded to the homicides in October, saying the charges against him were “all right”. Practically the entirety of his casualties were young ladies.
  • The case has set off discussion over how self destruction is examined on the web.

The 30-year-old had utilized Twitter to draw self-destructive ladies to his home, saying he could help them bite the dust and at times guaranteed he would kill himself close by them.

The sequential killings originally became exposed on Halloween in 2017 when police discovered dismantled body parts in Shiraishi’s level in the Japanese city of Zama, close to Tokyo.

His legal advisors had before contended that his charges ought to have been diminished, guaranteeing his casualties had offered agree to be slaughtered.

Shiraishi anyway later contested his own protection group’s rendition of occasions, and said he murdered without their assent.

On Tuesday, the appointed authority who conveyed the decision said that “none of the casualties consented to be killed”.

“The respondent was discovered to be completely mindful,” said Naokuni Yano, detailed The Straits Times paper.

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