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London councillor accidentally causes fire during virtual meeting

London councillor accidentally

A London councilor incidentally set his notebook ablaze while partaking in an online board meeting.

Tom Sleigh was on a video call with the City of London Resource Allocation Sub-Committee when he lighted his papers before nearly 30 associates.

The Labor Party part said he had been attempting to light a flame “however it unintentionally touched off my notepaper” and he had “gravely” consumed his fingers.

  • By the by, his incident appeared to go unnoticed and the gathering continued.
  • The council meeting was being streamed live online when the fire happened.

Addressing the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Mr Sleigh said he was utilizing a USB lighter to light a flame when things went amiss.

He figured out how to put the blazes out rapidly however said he had gravely consumed his fingers and he had “dove them into a virus sink” a while later.

Be that as it may, he additionally observed the entertaining side, later tweeting: “Today didn’t go as easily as I trusted.”