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Lord Ahmed retires from Parliament days before expulsion


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An individual from the House of Lords resigned from Parliament subsequent to seeing a lead report suggesting he be removed for explicitly misusing a weak lady.

The Lords Conduct Committee closed Lord Ahmed of Rotherham sincerely and explicitly abused Tahira Zaman, who came to him for help in 2017.

Ruler Ahmed said the charges in the report were false and he would advance against the choice.

  • Ms Zaman said she was “cheerful and eased” at the report’s discoveries.
  • ‘I was searching for help’

The Lords Conduct Committee report finished up Lord Ahmed had misused Ms Zaman, regardless of realizing she was getting treatment for nervousness and gloom.

The Lords Commissioner for Standards, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, said this “intensifies the earnestness” of his breaks of the set of principles.

Ms Zaman revealed to Newsnight a year ago: “I was searching for help and he exploited me, he manhandled his capacity.”

She said she had moved toward Lord Ahmed in light of the fact that she figured he could assist her with getting the Metropolitan Police to explore a confidence healer who she accepted was misusing ladies.

  • Ruler Ahmed kept in touch with the Met Police Commissioner on headed paper on 2 March, and he and Ms Zaman met at an eatery in east London in February 2017 to examine the case.
  • After supper, Ms Zaman asserted that Lord Ahmed grabbed her upper thigh.

On the equilibrium of probabilities, the Commissioner for Standards’ examination found that Lord Ahmed had explicitly attacked her.

Ms Zaman says she was stunned by his conduct and severed contact.

However, supported by a companion, she informed Lord Ahmed on 14 July that year to inquire as to whether he had gotten an answer from the police.

He said he had and they organized to meet at his home in east London to examine it.

She revealed to Newsnight a year ago: “He was stating I’m delightful and, you know, he truly prefers me.”

Soon thereafter, in September 2017, she engaged in sexual relations with him.

The Commissioner for Standards closes: “I find that it is almost certainly that Ms Zaman went to Lord Ahmed’s home at his challenge to examine the offer made by the police to meet her.

Tahira Zaman

“In any case, he had no goal of sending her interests to the police and his utilization of the proposal of a gathering made in the letter from the police to draw Ms Zaman to his home was untrustworthy.”

  • Tahira Zaman
  • Ruler Ahmed kept on pursueing her and Ms Zaman felt they were going into a relationship.
  • They informed each other regularly.

She says they kept on meeting at Lord Ahmed’s home where they had intercourse.

Yet, Ms Zaman says that following two months he made it clear he wasn’t going to leave his significant other and the undertaking finished. She says she understood she had been abused.

Ms Zaman previously grumbled to the House of Lords about Lord Ahmed’s conduct in January 2018.

She moved toward Newsnight after the Commissioner for Standards disclosed to her Lord Ahmed couldn’t be researched in light of the fact that the implicit rules just covered his parliamentary “obligations” – for the most part procedures of the House of Lords.

Newsnight examination

Newsnight started to explore the Lords’ choice not to acknowledge Ms Zaman’s grievance, for a film broadcast in February a year ago.

Met by Newsnight, Lord Carlile QC, a previous appointee high court judge, said the Commissioner for Standards had “failed to understand the situation”, adding: “In the event that somebody comes to you for help, especially in the event that they’re powerless and you structure a sexual relationship, really that is shocking.”

The Commissioner for Standards denied this, disclosing to Newsnight that was a misconception of the set of principles.

  • Ten weeks after the film was communicated, the House of Lords changed the phrasing of the code to cover parliamentary “exercises”, instead of just “obligations”.
  • It was review thus covered Lord Ahmed’s conduct.
  • Ms Zaman re-presented her grievance, which prompted a definite examination by the Commissioner for Standards.

‘I needed equity’

Reacting to the report, Ms Zaman stated: “I feel thrilled and mitigated in light of the fact that the entire experience for me was very damaging. I’m actually processing, processing it.

“I continue revealing to myself that I have what I needed – I needed equity.”

Master Ahmed stated: “I am very frustrated by the report of the lead council, which depends on a defective and out of line examination measure.

  • “I have consistently stated, and keep up, that the charges contained in the report are false.
  • “Given this, I am presently going to keep seeking after my appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to cure this foul play.”
  • You can see Newsnight’s report on its examination at 22:45 GMT.